Jobs with a future and jobs that pay well

The future of work: Jobs in high demand and jobs at risk in 2030.

00:00:00 The future of work: Jobs in high demand and jobs at risk in 2030. Focus on digitalization, automation, emotional intelligence, healthcare, education, and sustainability.

💼 By 2030, there will be a shortage of skilled workers in the fields of IT, math, healthcare, teaching, and engineering, offering high-paying opportunities.

🤖 Automation and digitization will continue to replace jobs, particularly in transactional production areas of the industry.

🌍 The future of work will be influenced by the areas of digitalization, automation, emotional intelligence, social interaction, and sustainability.

00:02:10 The future of work: jobs with a future - jobs with money. The healthcare and education sectors are in demand. Employers need to offer good working conditions to attract qualified employees.

👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ In the healthcare sector, there is currently a shortage of healthcare workers who are not well-paid, but this is expected to change in the future.

💰 Salary is not the primary concern for employees when considering future job prospects, as they value factors such as their relationship with colleagues and superiors.

🌟 Employers in the social work and healthcare sectors can improve the working conditions and make positive changes by focusing on factors such as interpersonal relationships and gratitude.

00:04:19 The future of work: Jobs in healthcare, education, and IT are in high demand. Companies need to prioritize employee satisfaction to attract and retain talent.

📚 The future of work is focused on employee satisfaction and meeting their needs.

💼 In the health, education, and business sectors, there is a demand for skilled workers in the fields of IT, math, and data analysis.

💰 As the market becomes more favorable for employees, companies need to consider meeting their expectations and demands while maintaining profitability.

00:06:30 The future of work and the need for flexibility in managing time, especially in relation to work-life balance, are discussed. The state must invest in strategic workforce planning and focus on reskilling in digitalization and sustainability to address future labor shortages.

🕒 The importance of flexible work hours and the connection between work and family.

👨‍💼 The need for employers to meet the desires of employees for more flexibility.

📚 The government's role in strategic workforce planning and addressing skill gaps.

00:08:40 The future of work: jobs with a future and jobs that pay. Germany is facing an aging population and needs to focus on immigration, longer working lives, and the integration of highly educated women into the workforce.

👨‍💼 The future of work involves continuous learning and qualification.

🌍 Germany is facing challenges due to an aging population and needs to consider immigration as a solution.

🚀 Increasing workforce participation of women and creating opportunities for migration can benefit the economy.

00:10:50 The future of work: Jobs that have a future and pay well. The importance of immigration and the need for employee feedback and inclusivity in the workplace, including more women in leadership positions.

👥 Society needs a certain level of immigration and active participation from both younger and older workers to fill the job gap.

💼 Good employers focus on regularly listening to their employees' needs and creating a positive work environment.

♀️ The importance of having more women in leadership positions and the benefits it brings.

00:13:01 The video discusses the lack of female representation in corporate leadership positions and encourages women to pursue opportunities and break through the glass ceiling.

📈 The percentage of women in leadership positions has slightly increased, but there is still a lack of representation in certain hierarchies.

🚺 There is a glass ceiling for women in some industries, but they should take advantage of the opportunities available and pursue their goals.

💪 It is important for women to assert themselves and claim their place in leadership positions.

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