India's Techade and the Antler ONDC Platform

Nandan Nilekani discusses India's digital public infrastructure, tech advancements, open networks, and the Antler ONDC platform.

00:00:00 Nandan Nilekani discusses India's transition from micro to mega economy through digital public infrastructure, with emphasis on Adar and data empowerment.

India is transitioning from an offline, small-scale economy to a high-productivity online economy.

Digital public infrastructure, including digital IDs and registries, is enabling this transition.

The infrastructure for data empowerment and AI is being developed.

00:02:43 Nandan Nilekani discusses India's tech advancements in digital infrastructure, payments, and vaccination certificates, leading to the potential for transformation in the transaction economy.

πŸ’‘ India has implemented a digital infrastructure at population scale, enabling billions of transactions and IDs.

πŸ’ͺ The combination of digital infrastructure, startups, and technology talent has created numerous innovative possibilities for the transaction economy.

🌐 Despite market fragmentation, a significant portion of India's economy, including retail and transportation, is still driven by small-scale businesses.

00:05:27 Nandan Nilekani discusses the potential of open networks like ONDC to create an inclusive and interconnected tech ecosystem in India, similar to the success of UPI. It enables small retailers and suppliers to participate, leading to market expansion.

πŸ”‘ Platforms have made a big difference, but they only cover a small part of what is possible.

🌐 Open networks like ONDC allow everyone to participate and operate at population scale, leading to market expansion.

πŸ’³ Interoperable payment systems like UPI have enabled 350 million people to make 9.66 billion transactions monthly at 50 million merchants.

00:08:11 Nandan Nilekani discusses the potential of India's techade, emphasizing the importance of unbundling and creating an open protocol for Discovery and fulfillment. Implementing this could lead to significant increases in digital consumption, e-commerce users, and msmes in Commerce.

πŸ”‘ The use of open networks and protocols allows for the unbundling of the Discovery, ordering, fulfillment, and return process in e-commerce, enabling multiple actors to connect and collaborate.

🌍 By implementing this open protocol, there can be a significant increase in digital consumption, active e-commerce users, and the presence of small and medium enterprises in the e-commerce industry.

πŸ’‘ The Beckon protocol is evolving as a key tool for Discovery and fulfillment at a population scale, revolutionizing the way people interact and participate in e-commerce.

00:10:54 Nandan Nilekani discusses the success of an auto-hailing app in Bangalore, highlighting its direct payment system and rapid growth. He also emphasizes the potential of the beckon protocol in areas such as education, jobs, and the green economy, particularly in creating a decentralized network of energy storage and charging.

πŸš– The namay yatri app allows direct payments to auto drivers, with 1.6 million users already registered.

🌐 The beckon protocol has applications beyond commerce, including education, skills, and job discovery.

πŸ”‹ Beckon can be used in the green economy to create an interoperable network of decentralized energy sources and storage.

00:13:40 Nandan Nilekani discusses the Antler ONDC platform which enables an interoperable charging network, circular economy possibilities, and efficient discovery and fulfillment processes.

πŸ”Œ The protocol discussed in the video enables an interoperable charging network, allowing vehicles to charge anywhere without the need for multiple apps or different charging standards.

πŸ”„ The protocol also facilitates the reuse and circular economy by providing a complete reverse logistics system, allowing producers to send back packaging and enabling various circular economy possibilities.

πŸ”βœ¨ The protocol forms the fifth pillar of DPI, enabling discovery and fulfillment across suppliers and products, revolutionizing the way we do business.

00:16:26 Nandan Nilekani discusses the success of Adar KYC in the mobile and banking industries, highlighting the importance of new players adopting technology for success.

⭐ Nandan Nilekani discusses the success of Aadhaar KYC in India's tech industry.

πŸ“± The popularity of Aadhaar KYC in the mobile industry was due to Jio's rapid customer enrollment.

πŸ’Ό New players like Paytm and IDFC Bank were the first to adopt Aadhaar KYC for banking services.

πŸ’‘ Success in leveraging new technologies often comes from companies unburdened by conflict or baggage.

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