4-Step Plan for Building a Big Back

Build a bigger and stronger upper back with this 4-step plan. Customize exercises based on training level and target various muscle groups.

00:00:00 Learn how to build a bigger and stronger upper back with this 4-step plan. Choose exercises from different categories to target various muscle groups. Customize the plan based on your current training level.

This video is a master plan for building a bigger and stronger upper back.

The plan consists of four steps that should be followed sequentially.

Step one focuses on choosing exercises for hip hinge, vertical pull, and horizontal pull movements.

00:04:31 A 4-step plan to build a big back by optimizing recovery and minimizing fatigue. Choose different exercises for each day of the week based on your training frequency.

💪 The key to building a big back is to focus on hip hinges and horizontal and vertical pulls.

📅 To optimize recovery and promote quality volume, it is recommended to train each exercise on a different day of the week.

🔁 The recommended rep ranges for hip hinges are 3x3 or 3x5, while for vertical and horizontal pulls, 6-10 or 8-12 repetitions are suggested.

00:09:01 A 4-step plan for building a big back: Start with a beginner's routine, then increase daily back volume. Choose two new lifts and vary rep ranges for more gains. Place new lifts strategically for recovery.

💪 Start with a basic back workout routine for beginners.

🔄 As you progress, increase your back volume and train multiple times a day.

🔀 Choose different back exercises for variety and adjust the rep range for each.

Place the new exercises strategically in your training program based on recovery and performance.

00:13:32 Learn a 4-step plan to build a bigger back without overwhelming yourself. Gradually increase volume and incorporate different exercises to maximize gains.

📚 In this video, the speaker discusses a 4-step plan to develop a bigger back.

💪 The speaker emphasizes the importance of not doing more than two back exercises in one day, and not doing the same hip hinge movements on the same day.

📝 The speaker advises starting with two sets of new exercises and gradually increasing the volume to four sets, focusing on recovery and avoiding overwhelming the body.

00:18:02 A 4-step plan for building a big back with pull-ups as the focus. Each step gradually increases volume and adds new exercises. Pullovers are recommended for lats.

👉 Pull-ups are important for building a big upper back, especially the lats.

💪 To effectively increase back volume, focus on gradually progressing through four steps, spending at least six months to a year on each step.

🔼 Step 3 involves adding one additional exercise, either a vertical or horizontal pull or shrug, to increase volume and stimulate growth.

00:22:34 Learn how to maximize back training with a 4-step plan. Increase frequency and volume gradually for optimal growth and recovery.

🔑 To effectively train the back, it is recommended to do vertical and horizontal pulls, as well as hip hinges, with at least 48 hours of rest between sessions.

💡 While it's important to prioritize recovery and performance, hitting back every single day can impair recovery and negatively affect performance.

📈 In step three of the training plan, muscular endurance and work capacity are high, allowing for more sets and exercises to be added for optimal growth.

00:27:04 Learn how to effectively train your back with 4 simple steps and maximize your results. Vary your exercises for added progress and keep in mind not to overtrain. Supporting the channel is greatly appreciated.

💡 It is important to find the right balance in back exercises - not too little, not too much.

🔄 Variations in back exercises can provide both volume and variety to your workout routine.

🏋️‍♂️ The 4-step MASSterplan for a big back involves rotating different back exercises and finding the optimal weekly volume.

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