Corruption Unearthed: Killers of the Flower Moon

A war hero returns to the Osage land and uncovers corruption and danger while investigating a series of murders in a small town.

00:00:00 A war hero returns to the land of the Osage, who outsmarted everyone to control the oil. But greed leads to dark consequences.

🌎 The Osage tribe is depicted as wealthy and intelligent, outsmarting others for control of the oil on their land.

💰 A plot revolves around a plan to mix families and direct the estate money their way.

👨‍💼 The protagonist works with his uncle, getting involved in the events surrounding the Osage tribe.

00:01:01 In a small town, a detective investigates a series of murders that have plagued the community. As he delves deeper, he uncovers a web of corruption and danger.

💀 A series of murders are occurring in the Osage community.

🔎 A government agent is sent to investigate the murders.

👥🔪 The main character seeks revenge on the killers of their family.

00:02:06 A trailer for the movie 'Killers of the Flower Moon' features a conversation about regret.

🎥 The official trailer for the movie 'Killers of the Flower Moon' was released.

😱 The characters express feelings of regret and remorse.

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