AI Opportunities in 2023: Unlocking Potential with Supervised Learning and Generative AI

Dr. Andrew Ng discusses the opportunities in AI in 2023, emphasizing the value and growth potential of supervised learning and generative AI. He highlights the importance of diverse use cases and integrating AI into existing businesses.

00:00:00 Dr. Andrew Ng discusses the opportunities in AI and how it is a general purpose technology. He focuses on supervised learning and generative AI as the two most important tools in AI. He also highlights some applications of AI, such as online advertising and self-driving cars.

πŸ€– AI is a general purpose technology with lots of different applications, similar to electricity.

πŸ” Supervised learning is a powerful tool for labeling and recognizing things.

βš™οΈ Large-scale supervised learning using big data and powerful AI models can lead to improved performance.

00:05:21 This video discusses the opportunities in AI in 2023, highlighting the use of supervised learning and large language models. It emphasizes the faster development process of prompt-based AI applications compared to traditional methods.

πŸ“š The last decade of AI has been driven by supervised learning and has seen significant progress.

πŸ”₯ This decade is introducing the exciting tool of generative AI, which can generate text based on prompts.

πŸ’‘ Generative AI uses supervised learning to predict the next word and has led to the development of large language models.

πŸ—οΈ Building a commercial grade machine learning system traditionally takes around 6-12 months, but prompt-based AI can be deployed in a matter of hours or days.

🌊 The rise of prompt-based AI is expected to open up a flood of custom AI applications that can be built by many people.

πŸ’» A sentiment classifier can be written with just a few lines of code, showcasing the simplicity and power of prompt-based AI.

00:10:42 Andrew Ng discusses the value and growth potential of AI technologies, particularly supervised learning and generative AI. He emphasizes the need for finding diverse use cases and building long-term, valuable applications.

πŸ”‘ Supervised learning is currently the most valuable AI technology, with companies like Google generating over $100 billion a year from it.

πŸ’‘ Generative AI is an emerging technology with a lot of potential for growth in the next three years, attracting interest from developers, venture capitalists, and large corporations.

🌱 There are opportunities for new startups or existing companies to create and capture value in the AI market, particularly in the areas of new AI tools and applications.

00:16:01 Andrew Ng discusses the value of AI in consumer software and internet industries and the challenges of applying AI in other industries. He highlights the trend of low code and no code tools that enable customization of AI systems for specific use cases, expanding the reach of AI across various industries.

πŸ”‘ The value of AI is currently concentrated in consumer software internet, but there are opportunities for AI in other industries.

πŸ’‘ The traditional recipe of hiring a large group of engineers for a project is not feasible in industries outside of consumer software internet.

πŸ› οΈ The AI community is developing low-code and no-code tools that enable easy customization of AI systems.

00:21:20 Andrew Ng discusses the opportunities in AI and how diverse companies can pursue them. He highlights the importance of integrating AI into existing businesses and identifies different layers of the AI stack. He also shares the process his team uses for building startups, using an example of a company that uses AI to make ships more fuel-efficient.

πŸš€ There are diverse opportunities in AI, and starting multiple companies can help pursue these opportunities.

πŸ”Œ Integrating AI into existing businesses can be advantageous if done effectively.

πŸ’‘ The AI stack consists of the hardware semiconductor layer, infrastructure layer, developer tooling layer, and application layer.

πŸ’‘ Applications that combine AI expertise and specific domains, such as romance coaching, present exciting and less competitive opportunities.

πŸ›³οΈ One example of an AI application is using AI to make ships more fuel-efficient.

πŸ“ˆ The process of building startups involves validating ideas, talking to customers, and recruiting a CEO.

00:26:40 This video discusses the success story of a startup called Bearing AI and its impact on the maritime shipping industry. The use of AI technology has led to significant fuel savings and environmental benefits. The speaker emphasizes the importance of partnering with subject matter experts for successful AI implementation.

πŸš€ Bearing AI successfully built a prototype and validated it with customers, resulting in external funding and fuel savings for ships.

🌊 Mitsui's expertise in maritime shipping, combined with AI expertise, led to the creation of Bearing AI and its impact on the industry.

πŸ’‘ Concrete startup ideas are more efficient for validation and execution, as they provide a clear direction for the team and attract subject matter experts.

00:32:00 Andrew Ng discusses the improvements in AI technology and the challenge of job disruption. He emphasizes the need to support those affected and dismisses the hype around artificial general intelligence. He believes AI presents opportunities and highlights the importance of building concrete use cases.

πŸ€– AI systems today are less biased and more fair than six months ago, but there are still problems to work on.

πŸ€” The biggest risk of AI is the disruption to jobs, particularly higher-wage jobs, and it is our responsibility to ensure well-being for those affected.

🌍 There is overblown hype about AI creating extinction risk, but AI can be a key part of the solution to real risks such as pandemics and climate change.

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