Runningman The Legend: Escape the Haunted Building and Uncover the Ghosts

In a race to escape a haunted building, the team must identify hidden ghosts using clues and challenges.

00:00:00 In a race to escape a haunted building, the team must identify the hidden ghosts. They use clues and an elevator challenge to uncover the truth.

:running: The video is about a race in a haunted building where the participants have to escape before the doors close.

:ghost: If two humans manage to escape together, the human team wins, but if a human and a ghost escape together, the ghost team wins.

:elevator: There is a ghost elevator that requires three people to ride, and if there are two ghosts among them, the elevator stops on the fourth floor.

00:04:35 A group of people participate in a race where they have to find clues to escape a building. They must figure out who the ghosts are to win.

πŸ‘» There is a race between humans and ghosts to escape a building, and the winning team depends on who escapes.

😨 The participants are trying to identify the ghost among them while avoiding giving away clues.

πŸšͺ The race involves finding and riding a ghost elevator, and if there are more than two ghosts among the three people in the elevator, it stops at the fourth floor.

00:09:09 A group of people are stuck on the 4th floor of a haunted building and suspect that two of them are ghosts. They try to uncover the truth by looking for hints and tearing up name cards.

πŸ‘» There are two ghosts in the video, one of them is Jay Suk.

πŸ” The participants find hints that suggest one of them is a ghost, such as being a comedian and a singer.

πŸ˜‚ The ghost turns out to be Seok Ja, who is a comedian.

00:13:46 A ghost lies while Running Man members try to figure out who it is. They face challenges and compete to stay in the game.

πŸ’‘ The video is about a ghost who lies and pretends to be human.

πŸ‘» The ghost's lies and clues lead to suspicion among the participants.

πŸ“ž A student representative contacts one of the participants with a new clue.

00:18:19 In the YouTube video '[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] You can't be fooled by a ghost's lie..! (ENG SUB)', the Running Man members discover that there are six ghosts among them, and they must find the human member to win.

πŸ‘» There are ghosts in the Goosebump Ghost House.

🧐 One of the student representatives is also a ghost.

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ There are six ghosts among the group of students.

00:23:01 Runningman The Legend: Can the team find the clues and escape the ghost elevator? Kwang Soo's true identity is revealed.

πŸ‘» The Running Man members search for clues to uncover the identities of the ghosts.

πŸ” They need to find hints to determine if someone is a human or a ghost.

πŸšͺ They take a ride on the Ghost Elevator to reveal the truth.

00:27:41 A game of deception and ghosts, where the real humans must decipher who is who to win. The Ghost team emerges victorious.

πŸ‘» The video is about a game where the participants have to determine who the other ghost is.

πŸ” The ghost team tries to deceive the human team by making one of them believe that a ghost is actually human.

πŸŽ‰ In the end, the ghost team wins the game.

Summary of a video "[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] You can't be fooled by a ghost's lie..! (ENG SUB)" by sNack! on YouTube.

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