SEO Tool for Creating a Topical Map

Exploring the effectiveness of an SEO tool in creating a topical map

00:00:00 This video explores the importance of a topical map in SEO strategy and how Keyword Revealer can assist with it.

A topical map is essential for an effective SEO strategy.

Focusing on one area and fully covering it before moving on to other categories helps achieve topical authority.

Keyword Revealer is a tool that can assist in creating and implementing topical maps.

00:01:03 This video explores the effectiveness of an SEO tool in creating a topical map and provides a walkthrough of its features.

🔑 Interlinking posts is crucial for building a topical map.

📚 The course 'Topical Maps Unlock' provides comprehensive guidance on building a topical map.

🔗 The SEO tool discussed in the video lacks effectiveness in providing subcategories for main categories.

00:02:06 This video discusses a simple keyword research tool that lacks filtering options and has a limited database. The tool struggles to find low competition keywords and needs improvement in building a topical map.

🔍 The SEO tool allows users to enter a domain, competitor's domain, or keyword to find related keywords.

📊 The tool lacks filtering options and has a limited database of keywords, with high competition keywords being dominant.

📈 The tool's current version is far from providing an effective flow for building a topical map.

00:03:09 Discover how an SEO tool can provide inspiration for building a topical map and tracking keyword rankings, while also discussing the limitations of the tool.

🔍 Using the SEO tool discussed in the video may not be suitable for creating a complete topical map, but it can provide inspiration for keyword inclusion.

📊 The ranking tool allows you to track your keyword rankings historically and currently, but it may take up to 24 hours to receive the initial results.

💡 While the tool offers basic information, using Google Search Console for rankings is still effective.

00:04:14 Learn how to use an SEO tool to track keyword rankings, analyze backlinks, and monitor their performance without relying on Google Search Console.

🔍 The SEO tool can track keyword rankings by crawling Google data.

🔢 Backlink analysis module allows users to monitor and analyze their backlinks.

💡 Recent Google update suggests that links may not be one of the top three ranking signals.

00:05:16 Discover the ease and value of using Keyword Revealer to monitor and analyze backlinks, ensuring they stay active and relevant. Affordable with plans starting at $30/month.

🔍 Using a tool like this to monitor and ensure the stability of backlinks provides great value and is easy to use.

💡 Keyword Reveal can be used for inspiration to cover all keywords within a niche and subcategories.

💰 The backlink analysis module of Keyword Reveal is a valuable feature, and their pricing is competitive.

00:06:21 This video reviews an SEO tool and its features. The tool is priced according to its value, and users can start with a free plan. Keyword revealer needs more keywords in the database, but the backlink analysis module is interesting.

🔍 Keyword Revealer is a SEO tool with a limited keyword database.

The backlink analysis module of Keyword Revealer is interesting.

🆓 There is a completely free keyword research tool that uses multiple databases.

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