The Study of Human Activity in the Social Sphere: Political Science and its Methods

An exploration of the object and method of Political Science, highlighting multiple approaches and its relationship with economics.

00:00:00 Exploring the object and method of Political Science, Educatina defines the subject as the study of human activity in the social sphere, highlighting its universal method.

📚 The video discusses the object and method of political science.

🔍 Political science is characterized by a universally valid method, which is the method of social sciences.

🔬 The science studies the social activity of human beings and derives the necessary elements from it.

00:01:03 This video discusses the development of political science and how there are multiple approaches and methods to studying politics, including its relationship with economics. It also explores the distinction between classical and modern political thought.

⚙️ There is no consensus on a singular method or object in the field of political science as it encompasses multiple areas, such as economics.

🔍 The study of politics has evolved from a focus on classical thought to a modern emphasis on the state as the object of study.

💡 Attempting to define the specific object of political science leads to a division between different types of thinking.

00:02:08 The video discusses the object and method of Political Science, focusing on the study of the state and its relationship with power and society in the context of modernity.

📚 The concept of state is the central focus of study in political science.

🔍 Political science uses the methods of social sciences to study human activities and their manifestation in society.

🌐 Political science also examines the relationship between the state, power, and society.

00:03:11 Understanding the purpose and method of Political Science. Recommended videos for further learning.

📚 The video introduces the object and method of Political Science.

🌐 Political Science studies power, government, and political behavior.

🔍 The scientific method is applied to gather data and analyze political phenomena.

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