5 Essential Hidden Features of the Lyft Driver App

Learn 5 essential hidden features of the Lyft driver app to improve efficiency and increase earnings.

00:00:00 Discover the 5 essential Lyft driver features, such as changing passenger destination and navigating to next requests while on a trip.

πŸš• Lyft drivers can change a passenger's destination address.

πŸ“ Drivers can navigate to the next passenger's location.

πŸ“± Lyft drivers receive consecutive ride requests.

00:01:06 Discover hidden features of Lyft driver app: Stop consecutive requests, increase earnings in surge areas, and see trip details upfront.

πŸš— You can stop consecutive ride requests by toggling a feature in the app's bottom bar.

πŸ’° During peak times in densely populated areas, surge pricing and rewards are higher.

πŸ“ The app now provides upfront information about the trip, including pickup and drop-off locations on a map.

00:02:12 Discover 5 hidden features for Lyft drivers, including real-time pickup and drop-off locations, fare breakdown, and trip history.

πŸš– Lyft provides unique information that is not available on Uber.

πŸ—ΊοΈ You can see the pickup and drop-off locations on the map, along with the fare amount.

πŸ“Š A new feature allows drivers to track their progress and see the number of trips they have completed.

00:03:19 Discover hidden features for Lyft drivers, including earnings information, trip totals, and location filters.

🚘 You can access earnings information and trip counts in the Lyft driver app.

πŸ” Location filters can help you receive requests only for certain areas.

πŸ’Ό Using the area filter can lead to higher earnings and rewards.

00:04:28 Discover hidden features of Lyft driver app including radius filter, passenger rating, and tipping. Use these features to improve efficiency and earn bonuses.

πŸš— Lyft driver feature allows setting preferred area and adjusting radius.

🌟 Driver can rate passengers and choose not to match with poorly rated ones.

πŸ’‘ Positive tip: Engage with passengers who have given tips in the past.

00:05:37 Discover 5 hidden features in the Lyft driver app that every driver should know. Learn how to scroll down, select passenger price, add custom notes, and more!

πŸš— Lyft driver app has hidden features for better passenger experience.

πŸ’° Drivers can set their own ride prices and add custom notes to passengers.

⭐️ After 24 hours, drivers can no longer rate their passengers.

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