BTS's Inspiring Speech at the 2018 UN General Assembly

BTS's speech at the 2018 UN General Assembly focused on childhood dreams, societal pressure, and the power of music.

00:00:00 BTS speaks at the UN General Assembly about their partnership with UNICEF to combat violence and promote self-love.

🗺️ BTS was invited to speak at a significant event for the young generation.

❤️ BTS launched a campaign with UNICEF to protect children and young people from violence.

🌍 BTS's fans have actively participated in the campaign.

00:01:04 BTS's speech at the 2018 UN General Assembly focused on their childhood dreams and the pressure to conform to societal expectations.

🌟 As a child, BTS member had dreams of becoming a superhero and saving the world.

💔 He stopped dreaming and started worrying about what others thought of him as he grew older.

🔇 He began to ignore his own voice and started listening to the opinions of others.

00:02:12 BTS speech at the UNICEF General Assembly, emphasizing the power of music and overcoming obstacles to become successful artists.

🎵 Music was my guiding light, even in the face of adversity.

💪 Despite numerous obstacles, BTS persevered and became successful artists.

🌟 They are grateful for their journey and will continue to grow and improve.

00:03:18 BTS delivers a speech at the 2018 United Nations General Assembly, expressing gratitude for their fans and emphasizing self-love and growth.

BTS attributes their achievements to the support of their fellow members and fans all over the world.

🌟 They embrace their flaws and mistakes, recognizing that they contribute to their personal growth.

💖 BTS expresses self-love and acceptance, valuing their past, present, and future selves.

00:04:23 BTS speech at the UNICEF General Assembly, urging people to love themselves and share their stories.

🌍 BTS shares how their music and message has helped fans worldwide overcome challenges and learn to love themselves.

🗣️ They urge everyone to speak up and share their own stories and identities, regardless of their background.

00:05:31 BTS speech at the 2018 UN General Assembly, promoting self-acceptance, embracing change, and learning to love oneself.

🗣️ Finding your voice and embracing yourself

💪 Overcoming mistakes, faults, and fears

❤️ The journey of self-love and personal growth

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