Enhancing STEM Mentoring Programs: Research-Informed Recommendations

This webinar discusses research-informed recommendations for effective STEM mentoring programs, focusing on supporting young people and addressing under-representation in STEM fields.

00:00:05 This video is a webinar discussing research-informed recommendations for STEM mentoring programs. Representatives from various organizations share their experiences and initiatives in STEM mentoring.

πŸ“š The impact webinar focused on research-informed recommendations for STEM mentoring programs.

πŸ—£οΈ The webinar featured panelists from various sectors, including mentoring programs, higher education institutions, philanthropic partnerships, and government agencies.

🌊 The webinar emphasized the importance of STEM mentoring in inspiring young people to care for and protect the ocean planet.

00:08:44 This video discusses the importance of STEM mentoring programs and introduces a new supplement to the existing mentoring guidelines. The supplement provides recommendations for effective STEM mentoring, with a focus on supporting young people and addressing the under-representation of certain groups in STEM fields.

πŸ“Œ The STEM mentoring field has grown and diversified, with a focus on increasing student achievement and addressing under-representation in STEM fields.

πŸ” The development of the STEM supplement was informed by research and input from practitioners to provide effective mentoring practices.

πŸ’‘ The supplement offers a typology of STEM mentoring programs and highlights the need for coordination and support across different age groups.

00:17:25 This video discusses research-informed recommendations for STEM mentoring programs. It covers topics such as mentor recruitment, screening, and program design. The panelists share their experiences and strategies for creating successful mentoring relationships.

πŸ” STEM mentoring programs recruit STEM professionals, graduate students, or undergraduates to serve as mentors to K-12 students.

πŸ“š The STEM mentoring program aims to provide high-quality mentoring experiences to reduce high-risk behaviors, improve academic success, and increase knowledge and interest in STEM.

πŸ™ The program focuses on recruiting dedicated, patient, and caring mentors who show up consistently, regardless of their STEM background.

00:26:07 STEM mentoring program provides longitudinal authentic mentoring for middle school students. Mentors work in collaborative groups using inquiry-based curricula. Training focuses on being a connector, facilitating activities, and working with diverse youth.

πŸ‘₯ The science club focuses on middle school years to build identity around STEM careers and skills.

πŸ”¬ Longitudinal authentic mentoring provided by science and engineering students and staff from Chicago area universities.

🌍 Training mentors to be connectors and advocates for their mentees and providing practical training on facilitating STEM activities.

πŸ“š Deeper training for mentors on working with young people from different backgrounds, including cultural awareness and supporting feelings of belonging.

00:34:50 Research-informed recommendations for successful STEM mentoring programs include structured activities to bond mentors and mentees, ongoing training for mentors, and a trial period to assess group dynamics.

πŸ’‘ Mentoring programs can overcome the uncertainty of mentoring by providing structured activities that bond mentors and mentees.

πŸ“š Continual training and support for mentors are crucial for their success as mentors and for the overall effectiveness of the program.

🌱 Matching mentors and mentees in group settings should consider group dynamics and allow for a trial period to ensure positive and lasting relationships.

00:43:31 This video discusses research-informed recommendations for STEM mentoring programs, emphasizing the importance of strong relationships, real-time monitoring and support, and intentional handoffs to the next mentor.

πŸ”‘ Effective STEM mentoring programs require a strong mentor-mentee relationship and background knowledge about STEM.

⭐ Real-time monitoring and support are crucial in STEM mentoring programs, especially during hands-on activities.

πŸ—£οΈ Having experienced professionals in the space provides support and guidance for mentors and helps maintain their enthusiasm.

πŸ“š Partnerships with other programs can facilitate a smooth transition between mentors and provide ongoing support for mentees.

00:52:10 This video discusses the STEM mentoring programs at Genentech and highlights the various activities offered to students, from elementary school to high school. It emphasizes the long-term commitment and impact of the programs.

πŸ”‘ Genentech takes a long-term approach to their STEM mentoring programs, recognizing that it takes time to grow a student into a scientist.

🏫 Genentech offers various STEM programs, including an after-school program, a science competition, and biotech classes, to engage students and show them that science can be fun.

🌟 The mentors at Genentech provide real-world, relevant expertise to the students, emphasizing their own career paths and sharing their lab technique knowledge.

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