Harnessing Technology for Innovation and Access to Justice in the Legal Sector

The Innovate London 2023 event explores the importance of innovation in the legal sector and the use of technology to improve access to justice and client experience.

00:00:00 Innovate London 2023 event explores the SRA's commitment to innovation and technology in the legal sector, with a focus on improving access to justice and supporting firms to harness technology for better service, communication, and compliance.

📅 In 2016, the SRA launched SRA innovate, committing to be pro-innovation and embracing opportunities.

🏛️ London has a rich history of innovation and invention, which sets the stage for discussing innovation in legal services.

💡 The SRA is interested in innovation to increase access to justice, support firms in harnessing technology, and improve the quality, speed, and communication of legal services.

00:11:58 Innovate London 2023 | Innovating and harnessing technology. AI is already ubiquitous and is just a fancy name for statistical modeling. It is driving changes in various sectors and is accessible through APIs, democratizing AI and enabling the creation of cool products.

🤖 AI is already ubiquitous and is used in various applications, such as auto-focusing cameras and spell checkers.

📊 AI can be categorized into unsupervised learning, which identifies patterns, and supervised learning, which predicts future outcomes based on previous data.

💻 The availability of data and processing power has driven the recent boom in AI, enabling complex analysis in multiple dimensions.

🔎 Chat GPT is a popular large language model that can be accessed through an API, allowing integration into various products and processes.

🌍 The democratization of AI has made advanced technology accessible to a broader range of people, leading to the development of innovative products and services.

⚖️ While AI offers numerous opportunities, there are concerns about data quality, the black box problem, lack of general understanding, and ethical considerations.

🤯 The rise of deep fakes raises important questions about the authenticity of online content and our ability to respond to AI-generated materials.

00:23:58 The video discusses the importance of innovation in the legal sector and highlights the need to focus on improving client experience. It emphasizes the significance of culture, mindset, skills, and knowledge in driving innovation. The panelists also advocate for a balanced approach to technology adoption and the inclusion of diverse perspectives in the innovation process.

⚡️ AI is both exciting and scary, and it is important to acknowledge both aspects.

🚀 Don't let fear hinder the exploration of opportunities in AI and technology.

🌐 Innovation in the legal sector involves cultural change, mindset shift, skills and knowledge development, and technology adoption.

00:35:57 Innovate London 2023: Harnessing technology and collaboration in the legal profession for better access to justice. The use of AI and technology has transformed processes, allowing for virtual consultations and improved outcomes. Adoption of AI requires knowledge and multi-disciplinary teams.

💡 Collaboration and embracing technology are crucial for innovation.

🌍 Using technology can help reach more people and improve outcomes.

🤖 AI has the potential to revolutionize the legal profession but requires careful consideration and adoption.

00:47:56 Innovate London 2023 | Innovating and harnessing technology. Lawyers are using AI algorithms to transform the client journey, reduce risk, and attract staff. Adoption of AI in legal services is increasing, but cost and digital exclusion are barriers for smaller firms and vulnerable communities.

🔑 The speaker discusses how they have used an algorithm to incorporate knowledge from lawyers and make it freely available to others. This innovation has transformed aspects of the client journey and had financial impacts.

🌍 The impact of the innovation extends beyond the initial project and has had wide-ranging effects. The speaker highlights the interest it has generated among lawyers and its potential for attracting and retaining staff.

⚖️ The video also touches on the topic of AI and its potential to change the delivery of legal services. While some believe it will have a significant impact, others mention barriers such as cost and digital literacy.

00:59:54 Innovate London 2023 | Innovating and harnessing technology. Lawyers discuss the importance of being tech literate and curious, and how small firms can invest in tech without sacrificing profit. Putting the client first yields commercial and intellectual returns.

📚 Being a tech expert is not necessary for lawyers, but having tech literacy is important for delivering client needs.

💡 Curiosity and enthusiasm are key in exploring technology and finding ways to improve processes.

💰 Implementing technology solutions can be costly, but it is an investment in the future survival of the firm.

01:11:53 The video discusses the importance of building versus buying AI solutions in the legal sector and the need to connect technologists with legal professionals. It emphasizes the responsibility of legal tech providers to ensure the understandability and usability of their products. The panelists also touch on the challenges of adopting AI technology and the need for community-building and education within the legal profession. Overall, the video highlights the role of technology in driving innovation and access to justice in the legal sector.

The speaker has questions about the limitations of using AI vendors and legal Tech solutions and whether it hinders innovation in the legal sector.

The speaker discusses the importance of connecting communities of technologists with legal professionals and how to get more technologists and AI people interested in the legal sector.

The panelists emphasize the need for better understanding and adoption of technology within the legal profession for effective use and the ethical implications of using AI.

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