FARO DE LA MEMORIA: A personal journey through a dark chapter in Argentine history

Invisible struggle: A son's search for justice in Argentina's dictatorship

00:00:15 A story of invisibility and resilience in Mar del Plata. Through the memory, identity, and activism, this is a personal journey of a disappeared son and a reminder of the struggles of victims of state terrorism.

πŸ” The video discusses the invisible stories of Mar del Plata and its clandestine centers.

🌍 The speaker emphasizes the importance of memory, personal identity, and activism.

πŸ‘₯ The speaker shares their experience as a child of victims of state terrorism and the challenges of reconstructing their identity.

00:01:34 FARO DE LA MEMORIA: A sociologist's account of his father's disappearance during Argentina's dictatorship and the search for truth.

πŸ•―οΈ The video discusses the disappearance and alleged murder of Enrique Pecoraro, a sociologist.

🏒 There were multiple unidentified safe houses where individuals were held before being taken to the exesma.

πŸ’” After four months in the exesma, Enrique Pecoraro's mother received the news of his death.

00:03:14 A childhood memory resurfaces, recalling the disappearance of the speaker's father during a turbulent time. The speaker reflects on their family's anguish and search for justice.

🏠 The speaker's mother was detained, and they were left with a neighbor while their maternal grandparents were contacted.

⚰️ The speaker's father was killed, and there is an army report detailing his death.

🌍 During the transition to democracy, there was turmoil in the speaker's family due to the fate of their grandmother and aunts.

00:04:29 A former clandestine detention center in Argentina was transformed into an amusement park but closed in 2002. The speaker discusses the history and closure of the park.

πŸ” Investigation into the existence of survivors of other clandestine detention centers.

🏒 Transformation of a former clandestine detention center into a theme park.

πŸ”’ Closure of the theme park due to its unsustainable nature.

πŸ”“ Possibility of reopening the site and personal involvement in its exploration.

00:05:41 The video discusses the importance of memory in preventing atrocities like state terrorism, genocide, and political persecution from happening again.

πŸ’‘ The video discusses the importance of memory in preventing terrorism, genocide, and political persecution.

πŸ”‘ Memory is seen as crucial for society to avoid repeating past mistakes and for rebuilding Argentina.

🌟 The speakers, Ana Cristina Pecoraro and Carlos Manuel Barbosa, express gratitude for their personal history and the recovery of a place for memory.

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