Introducing the OH Card: A Creative Tool for Exploring Thoughts and Emotions

Introducing the OH card, a creative and magical counseling tool for exploring thoughts and emotions.

00:00:00 Introducing the OH card, a powerful counseling tool that connects with your inner emotions through a deck of 88 green image cards and 88 brown word cards.

🃏 The OH cards are a set of tools used for counseling and self-reflection.

🌈 The cards consist of small green image cards depicting various life scenarios, including people, environments, and objects.

🔡 There are also larger brown word cards with red borders, which can be used to provide additional insights and guidance.

00:01:51 Introducing the OH Card, a creative and magical tool for counseling. Learn how to use the cards individually or in combination with picture cards to create wonderful combinations. The OH Card manual provides detailed instructions on how to use all card categories.

🃏 The OH Card is a versatile tool that can be used in combination with other cards to create unique combinations for counseling and therapy.

📚 The OH Card comes with a comprehensive manual that provides detailed instructions on how to use the different types of cards and their questioning techniques.

⭐️ The key difference between OH Card and other cards is that the OH Card has no fixed meanings, allowing the person using it to interpret the symbols and words according to their own context.

00:03:43 Introducing the OH cards, a creative and powerful counseling tool. Explore your inner self and discover genuine reactions and projections. Unlike tarot and angel cards, these message cards provide direct themes.

🃏 The OH cards are a creative counseling tool that allows the user to interpret and explore their inner thoughts and emotions.

🔍 Unlike tarot cards or angel cards, the OH cards do not have fixed interpretations or messages, allowing for a more personalized and introspective experience.

💡 Using the OH cards with a guide or facilitator helps stimulate deeper self-reflection and uncover hidden aspects of one's psyche.

00:05:35 Introduction to the magical counseling tool OH Cards and professional courses. Learn how to use these cards to guide and explore personal thoughts and emotions.

🔮 OH卡 is a magical counseling tool that allows users to draw cards and interpret their meanings.

The role of the facilitator is to ask questions and guide the card drawer to explore their thoughts and feelings.

🌍 OH卡 has gained popularity internationally and is used by many professionals in various countries.

00:07:24 Introducing OH Cards, a powerful tool for teachers and counselors to develop intuition, creativity, and interactive qualities. Also beneficial for psychologists and social workers in understanding and connecting with clients. Helpful for parents seeking insight into their children's thoughts and partners' perspectives.

🔑 The OH cards are a valuable tool for teachers and spiritual guides to develop intuition and creativity.

👥 The OH cards can be used by psychologists and social workers to establish rapport and open up communication with clients and families.

👪 Even for individuals who are not teachers or social workers, the OH cards can be helpful in understanding the thoughts and emotions of family members, including children and partners.

00:09:12 Learn how to use the OH cards to improve communication and deepen connections with friends and loved ones. Find out how this tool can also help in dealing with work stress and exploring personal goals. Join the course for a comprehensive guide.

💡 The OH Cards is a useful tool for better understanding and connecting with others in personal relationships.

🔍 The tool can also be used in various industries and workplaces to cope with stress, share experiences, and find solutions to work-related challenges.

🎯 The course offers a two-stage approach: an introduction to the different aspects of OH Cards, including group dynamics and specific themes, and a focus on personal exploration and problem-solving through individual analysis.

00:11:01 Introduction to the OH Card, a creative and powerful counseling tool. Learn how to tap into your intuition, boost creativity, and explore your subconscious through dream interpretation. Join the course now!

🔑 The OH Card is a powerful counseling tool that enhances intuition and creativity, leading to personal growth and a deeper understanding of oneself.

🎓 The course includes practical demonstrations, exercises, and interactive discussions to help students apply the OH Card in real-life situations and explore their subconscious mind, including dream interpretation.

👥 The speaker emphasizes the benefits of the OH Card and invites students to join the course to experience its transformative effects and develop a better understanding of themselves.

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