Interview with new superintendent: Strategies, Opportunities, Challenges, and Student Advocacy.

New superintendent discusses strategic plan, innovative opportunities, challenges of growth, and importance of advocating for students.

00:00:00 New superintendent discusses strategic plan and innovative opportunities for students in Tomball school district, including an Early College High School program.

🏫 The new superintendent aims to continue the district's strategic plan and improve the certification of the Tomball school district.

🎓 One of the priorities is to establish an Early College High School partnership with Lone Star College, allowing students to graduate with an Associate of Arts degree.

💼 The superintendent's focus is on implementing innovative opportunities and programs for students, benefiting their education and future prospects.

00:02:22 An interview with the new superintendent of Tomball High School discussing the opportunities for students, the strength of the community, and the potential concerns with growth.

🏫 Students spend their first two years at Tamil High School and the last two years at Lone Star College.

🎵 Opportunities for extracurricular activities like band and theater are available for students.

🌟 The community in Tomball is a strong support system for the district and its students.

00:04:44 New superintendent discusses the challenges of rapid growth and maintaining district identity. Plans for new schools and professional learning opportunities for teachers.

🌳 We have to be careful to maintain our identity and culture as we grow rapidly.

🏫 There is a need for new schools due to the growing population in our district.

👩‍🏫 We provide professional learning opportunities to support teachers in maximizing student learning.

00:07:05 Teachers play a vital role in shaping the future and supporting students. Professional learning is important for both experienced and new teachers. There are different approaches to education, centralized and decentralized. The focus is on what is best for students and staff.

🎓 Teachers are essential in shaping the future and making all other professions possible.

👥 Professional learning is important for teachers to continue to grow and provide the best education for students.

🏫 Centralized and decentralized approaches to education have different levels of autonomy and decision-making.

00:09:25 New superintendent expresses concerns about potential impact on public education funding and emphasizes the importance of advocating for students.

👩‍🏫 The implementation of the new Secretary of Education's policies may impact public education funding, particularly for special programs and economically disadvantaged campuses.

🔍 There is concern that funds for specific materials, staff development, and support for students may be affected by the allocation of dollars between public and private schools.

🗣️ It is important for those who understand and value public education to voice their concerns and make a case for the resources needed to continue providing quality education.

00:11:49 Ensuring student safety is a top priority for the new superintendent. Promoting inclusivity and celebrating diversity while addressing cyberbullying are key focuses.

🏫 Ensuring student safety is a top priority for schools.

🗣️ Students should have a voice, but it should not harm others.

🌈 Diversity should be celebrated and not a cause for division.

📱 Students are highly connected to technology, which raises concerns about cyberbullying.

00:14:09 The interview discusses the importance of being cautious with cyberbullying and promoting a positive environment for students to prevent harm and bullying.

📱 Cyberbullying can be a tool for learning, growth, and celebration, but we must be cautious to avoid harm and bullying.

🔒 We need to be mindful of what we share online to ensure we don't hurt or infringe upon others' rights.

👫 The superintendent emphasizes the importance of protecting students from bullying and promoting inclusivity.

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