Measuring Sugar Content in IAC 138 Grape

This video demonstrates the measurement of the sugar content in the IAC 138 grape using a refractometer.

00:00:00 In this video, we measure the brix of the IAC 138 grape. We use a refractometer to determine the sugar content. Watch to see the process!

🍇 The video is about measuring the brix of grape variety IAC 138, also known as MÁXIMO.

🔬 The process involves using a refractometer to measure the brix level of the grapes.

☀️ The grapes are then placed in the sun to observe the results.

00:01:07 Measurement of the Brix of grape IAC 138 (MAXIMUM).

🍇 The video is about measuring the brix levels of grape variety IAC 138.

📏 The brix levels observed are between 15 and 17, indicating the grapes are almost ready to be harvested.

🍷 The alcohol content in the grapes is at 9%, which is considered excellent.

Summary of a video "Medição do brix da uva IAC 138 (MÁXIMO)" by Evandro Marquesim on YouTube.

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