Unconventional Solutions to Unemployment: Analyzing Ahmed Moussa's Surprising Praise for el-Sisi

Osama Jawesh discusses Ahmed Moussa's surprising praise for el-Sisi after criticizing him. Jawesh proposes unconventional solution to unemployment. Osama Gawish analyzes Moussa's tweet on vegetable cars for unemployment. Social media reactions are intense.

00:00:00 Ahmed Moussa criticizes Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on Twitter for attacking Ahmed Tantawy and praises Tantawy's out-of-the-box solutions to unemployment.

💡 Ahmed Moussa launched a strange attack on Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on Twitter.

📺 Ahmed Moussa criticized Ahmed Tantawi's interview with the platform.

👥 Moussa questioned Tantawi's approach and solution to the issue of unemployment.

00:01:37 Osama Jawesh: Unbelievable.. My percussionist, the system, Para Ahmed Moussa, is a loose canon, he starts shooting blanks and comes out praising el-Sisi.

📌 The speaker criticizes a suggestion to bring 1000 vegetable carts to employ youth.

🤔 The speaker questions whether the suggestion came from Ahmad Moussa.

📢 The speaker mentions his official social media accounts and the negative comments he receives.

00:03:16 Osama Jawesh discusses the unconventional ideas presented by Ahmed Moussa. Jawesh challenges the high unemployment rate and proposes a solution involving providing cars with food supplies to impoverished areas. He investigates who would finance this endeavor and who would operate the cars.

👉 In a TV interview, Osama Gawish criticizes Ahmed Moussa for his support of President Sisi and highlights the lack of innovative solutions for unemployment in Egypt.

🤔 Gawish proposes a creative solution to address unemployment by providing vehicles and food supplies to impoverished areas at affordable prices.

🗣️ He questions who will provide the vehicles and how they will be managed, emphasizing the need for collective effort and collaboration.

00:04:52 Osama Gaweesh reveals shocking information about the Sisi regime and Ahmed Moussa, exposing their deception and lack of integrity. Gaweesh highlights the importance of using respectful language when referring to public figures.

📢 Ahmed Moussa's derogatory language towards Abdel Fattah El-Sisi reflects his support and admiration for him.

🤔 Using such language undermines the dignity of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and bothers his supporters.

💬 It is important to understand that Ahmed Moussa's derogatory language is a deliberate tactic to provoke and criticize.

00:06:28 In this video, Osama Gawish analyzes a tweet by Ahmed Moussa about President Sisi's statement on solving unemployment using vegetable cars. Gawish questions the validity of both Moussa and Sisi's claims.

00:08:02 The video discusses the criticism of President Sisi and the comparison of different regimes. It also highlights the reactions on Twitter.

The speaker criticizes the logic behind criticizing President Sisi and compares it to criticizing other leaders.

👞 The speaker suggests that Ahmed Moussa is willing to switch allegiances for personal gain.

🗣️ Various people on Twitter respond to Ahmed Moussa's comments, calling him out for his behavior.

00:09:39 Osama Gawish reveals shocking statements made by Ahmed Moussa about Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Social media reactions are intense.

🔑 The video discusses a statement made by President Sisi, urging caution in responding to comments about a public figure named Tantawi.

💥 The speaker criticizes Ahmed Moussa for insulting President Sisi on Twitter and predicts a response from the intelligence agency.

💡 Overall, the video highlights the importance of respecting the President and refraining from insulting him.

Summary of a video "أسامة جاويش: مش هتصدق.. مطبلاتي النظام البار أحمد موسى عياره فلت وطالع يشـ تم السيسي" by قناة مكملين - الرسمية on YouTube.

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