Ethical and Educational Challenges in a Globalized World

Carlos Cullen discusses the challenges of globalization and neoliberalism in education, promoting responsible alternatives and ethical engagement.

00:00:02 Carlos Cullen discusses the ethical and educational challenges posed by globalization, emphasizing the need for responsible alternatives and ethical engagement.

馃實 Globalization and poverty require intelligent and responsible resistance.

馃攳 Ethical considerations should guide education policies and practices.

馃彨 The impact of globalization on education is manifested in schools and classrooms.

00:01:08 Carlos Cullen discusses the exclusionary education model and the challenges of neoliberalism in education. He critiques the emphasis on standards and promotes a shift towards educating competent individuals for a globalized world.

馃實 The current education system is exclusionary and influenced by neocapitalism.

鉁忥笍 Competencies in education aim to prepare students for a globalized world.

馃敀 The focus on competencies can overshadow holistic learning and traditional curriculum objectives.

00:02:13 This video discusses the importance of transforming information into knowledge in education, highlighting the need to prioritize all subjects equally.

馃帗 The key point is not confusing knowledge with information, and the role of schools and universities in transforming information into knowledge.

馃挭 There is a strong hierarchy in education that needs to be challenged, especially regarding the labeling of certain subjects as 'special' and the importance placed on different subjects.

馃攧 There is a slow but steady shift towards recognizing the importance of physical education and treating it as a core subject.

00:03:19 Carlos Cullen discusses ethics and education, highlighting the need to listen to and learn from others to bring about positive change.

馃攽 There are significant efforts being made to address ethics and education in this country.

馃挭 We need to acknowledge, listen to, and learn from the experiences of others.

馃幆 It is important to prioritize and rescue the education system.

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