Career & Money Lessons for Software Engineers in Their 20s

Learn important career and money lessons for software engineers in their 20s, including promotions, self-advocacy, and payment.

00:00:00 Learn important career and business lessons for software engineers in their 20s, including how to get promoted and make money. Promotions can be negotiated by setting goals and tracking achievements.

🏢 Most promotions are negotiated, not given, so communicate your career goals to your managers and hold them accountable.

💰 Keep track of your achievements at work to support your case for promotions and salary increases.

🌟 Take initiative to learn and explore new technologies to stay relevant and advance your career as a software engineer.

00:01:12 Learn to ask and advocate for yourself in your career. Reflect on your accomplishments regularly and communicate them. Don't be afraid to try new things. Mastering self-advocacy is more important than technical skills.

💡 Always remember and talk about your accomplishments.

📅 Know when to ask for something or complain.

🔍 Experiment and find what works for you in your career.

💰 Getting a raise often requires switching companies.

👨‍💻 The importance of career growth over coding skills.

00:02:25 Learn career and money lessons for software engineers: don't settle for stalling promotions, keep practicing interview skills, and ignore naysayers.

Don't settle for promotions or raises that are constantly being delayed or denied, it may be a red flag

Practice interview questions and actively seek opportunities for higher pay or better positions

Ignore negative people and pursue your ideas, even if they seem small at first

00:03:38 Insist on getting paid now for the work you're doing now. Delayed payment may not have the same impact in the future.

💡 Insist on getting paid now for the work you're doing now.

💰 Compensation in stock options can be risky and may not have the same value in the future.

Delayed payments can hinder financial stability and career progression.

00:04:51 Learn from a software engineer's career and money lessons, including the importance of being paid fairly for your work and the challenge of selling products in the same industry as the buyer.

💰 Focus on receiving fair market pay in today's money rather than relying on stock options or delayed compensation.

🏢💼 Selling products to professionals in the same field is difficult due to their expertise and attention to detail.

👨‍💻🛠️ Personal experience of the challenges faced in impressing react developers with a UI design tool.

00:06:04 The video discusses career and money lessons learned as a software engineer in the 20s, including the importance of selling products outside of one's direct line of work and the challenges of running a software consulting agency.

💼 Selling products outside of the buyer's direct line of work can be challenging.

💸 Running a software consulting agency can be difficult because the only asset is people.

🔧 Creating tools that are useful to a wide range of professionals can be successful.

00:07:18 Lessons learned in a software engineer's 20s involve challenging oneself and believing in the possibility of success despite no prior experience or following.

💡 Believing in oneself and challenging personal limitations can lead to unexpected success.

💭 Lack of evidence of capability should not deter one from attempting new challenges.

🎓 Sharing and learning from others' experiences can contribute to personal growth.

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