Creating a Nutritious School Lunchbox for Kids

A guide to creating a healthy school lunchbox for children with fruit, cereals, tubers, and legumes, and avoiding added sugars and oils.

00:00:00 A healthy school lunchbox for children should consist of fruit, cereals, tubers, legumes, and a low-sugar drink. It should not include added sugars or oils. A healthy school snack provides 10-15% of a child's daily energy requirements.

🍎 A healthy school lunchbox should include fruits, cereals, tubers, and legumes without added sugar, salt, or oil.

🥤 The school lunchbox should also include a low-sugar fruit drink or water.

🍪 Unhealthy lunch options such as cookies with fillings and packaged juices should be avoided.

00:01:05 How to make a healthy lunchbox for kids? Ensure the lunchbox is low in sugar, sodium, saturated and trans fats. Practice hygiene and handwashing. Eat in well-ventilated spaces and maintain a distance of 2 meters. Plan the lunchbox with kids.

🍱 A healthy lunchbox for children should not include products with high sugar, sodium, saturated fats, and trans fats.

🧼 Maintaining hygiene, such as constant handwashing before handling or consuming food, is important.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Parents should plan school snacks with their children to identify available and needed foods at home.

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