Changing My Life Expectancy: A Personal Account

A person with a genetic disorder shares their experience with a life-changing medical treatment, including injections in their neck. The procedure has implications for their future stability.

00:00:00 Shane, who has spinal muscular atrophy, gives a life update about his disease and the FDA-approved treatment that stops muscle wasting.

📺 The video is a life update about Shane, who has spinal muscular atrophy.

💔 Shane's medical equipment is not working at the moment.

Shane and his girlfriend, Hannah, are going to the hospital for Shane's sixth treatment for his disease.

00:01:04 In this video, the narrator describes their experience with a medical procedure involving an injection in their neck to access their spinal cord. The process is unsettling but not excessively painful. The narrator expresses their nervous thoughts and fears.

The video is about the speaker's experience with a medical procedure involving an injection into their neck.

The injection is performed with extreme delicacy to access the speaker's spinal cord.

The speaker is awake throughout the process, which feels surreal and unsettling.

00:02:12 A person reflects on how a medical treatment has changed their life expectancy and shifted their perspective on living fully.

🔑 The speaker reflects on the impact of a medical procedure on their life expectancy.

Without the medical procedure, their disease would progress and their life expectancy would decrease.

💥 The medical procedure unexpectedly changed the speaker's timeline for their life.

00:03:18 The speaker's life expectancy has changed due to a treatment requiring injections every four months for the rest of their life. This has both positive and terrifying implications for their future stability.

💉 The speaker has been receiving injections every four months for a year, which is crucial for their future stability.

😰 Depending on the ability to continue receiving the injections, the speaker feels terrified and uncertain about their future.

🤗 The speaker's partner has been supportive by understanding their internal struggles and providing comfort.

00:04:23 A couple prepares for a medical procedure that will change their lives. Life is full of surprises and challenges.

📅 Tomorrow, synthetic DNA will be injected into my spinal cord in a medical procedure.

😄 Life is weird, cruel, and full of excitement.

00:05:42 A personal account of a medical procedure and the anxiety it causes, with a focus on injections and the recovery process.

👤 The speaker expresses fear and discomfort about going into the procedure room.

💉 The speaker mentions their dislike for injections and the need to go through the process repeatedly.

😰 The speaker feels anxious until the procedure is over.

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