Navigating Your First Days at a New Job: Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Tips for navigating your first days at a new job and avoiding common mistakes. Set a schedule, understand work culture, and ask important questions.

00:00:00 Tips to navigate your first days at a new job, including common mistakes to avoid and important questions to ask. Start off on the right foot!

💼 The first days at a new job can be stressful and filled with unfamiliar processes and standards.

📝 New employees should be prepared with a checklist of important questions for their first day.

One important question to ask is about the working hours and schedule.

00:01:13 The top mistakes of a beginner | First days at a new job: Ensure the schedule, don't leave early, check if overtime is allowed, and understand the work culture.

It is important to know if staying late or leaving on time is acceptable at the new job.

📅 Find out the established work schedule in advance, as deviations from standard hours may be necessary for important projects.

🕒 Some departments have strict policies against any form of tardiness or early departure.

00:02:26 Common mistakes of a newcomer in the first days of a new job - leaving too early, not asking about dress code, and not learning department-specific dress expectations.

🕒 The typical working hours and arrival time at a new job are discussed.

👔 The importance of dress code and how it varies across different departments and companies is mentioned.

🤔 The question of when to find out about the dress code is raised.

00:03:38 Avoiding rookie mistakes on the first days of a new job. Dress code traditions differ across companies and departments. Let's discuss the project now.

👔 The video discusses the importance of dressing professionally at work and avoiding inappropriate attire.

It emphasizes the significance of punctuality and not wasting time during working hours.

💼 The video also mentions the concept of casual Fridays and how it varies across different companies and departments.

00:04:51 Tips for new employees on dress code, corporate shuttle, access pass, probation period tasks, and salary discussion etiquette.

📝 Important aspects for a new recruit: dress code, corporate shuttle, access pass, and corporate sim card.

Trial period with measurable and clear tasks is common in many companies.

💼 Discussion about salary and mortgage payment.

00:06:03 A video about the common mistakes made by beginners in their first few days at a new job. Includes tips on how to avoid these mistakes and how to excel at work.

Common mistakes made by beginners in their first days at a new job.

🙌 Importance of seeking guidance and not being too pushy.

💼 Discussion about evaluation procedures and rewards for new employees.

00:07:16 Avoid distractions and clarify all details in advance to have a successful start on a new job. Impress your boss with a systematic and responsible approach.

📝 Don't hesitate to ask questions about job responsibilities and organizational matters.

💼 Clarify all necessary information in advance to avoid distractions during work.

📋 If there is no template for a probationary period plan, create one yourself and show it to your supervisor.

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