LiveGood Firestarter-Friday Training Zoom: Sharing the Excitement and Generating Income

Learn how to share the excitement of LiveGood without asking for opinions. Emphasizes staying active, engaging, sharing, and giving away free tours for growth. Target the right audience, deliver value, and generate income with LiveGood products.

00:00:00 The video provides updates on product availability and customer support. It also explains how to log in to the LiveGood website and navigate the member dashboard.

📦 The International Wellness pack will be shipped from Germany and includes Essentials, Super Green, and Super Reds.

🎥 The YouTube livestream is live and the speaker is providing product updates and answering health-related questions.

🔒 The back office of LiveGood allows members to access their membership information, order history, team, referrals, and enroller.

00:05:24 LiveGood Firestarter-Friday Training Zoom: Learn how to reach out to everyone you know and share the excitement of LiveGood without asking for their opinion. Treat it like a business and watch it pay you like a business.

LiveGood has attracted a diverse group of people, including those with a significant following and everyday individuals.

Website addresses are crucial for spreading the word about LiveGood, and there are millions of potential customers in the United States alone.

Reaching out to everyone you know, without pre-judging their interest, is key to the company's success.

00:10:48 In this video, the speaker discusses the importance of staying active and engaged in LiveGood. They emphasize the significance of sharing LiveGood with others and the potential for success through simple actions. The law of the slight edge is highlighted as a guiding principle for productivity.

👀 Keep an eye on your back office for important updates and information.

💻 Your website addresses are crucial for reaching out to others and spreading the word.

📅 Stay updated on webinar schedules and trainings to maximize your engagement.

00:16:14 The speaker discusses the concept of the 'Great disruption' and emphasizes the importance of sharing a link to move the needle. They highlight the value of giving away free tours and the potential for growth in the health industry.

🔑 In the age of the great disruption, the fast now eat the slow.

🏰 Giving away free tours is an effective strategy to grow a business.

🌍 There is a huge market of seven billion people worldwide who need to get healthy and stay healthy.

00:21:40 In this video, the speaker emphasizes the importance of taking ownership of one's actions and not making excuses. They discuss the significance of recognizing that the business they are a part of solves big problems for many people. The key to success as a marketer is finding people who have these problems and introducing them to the business.

Taking extreme ownership of our actions and reflecting on our own diligence.

Avoiding procrastination and making excuses for not taking action.

Recognizing that marketing is about solving problems for a large number of people and bridging the solution to those who need it.

00:27:06 The video discusses the importance of targeting the right audience for business success. It emphasizes the need for leaders to identify their target market and deliver value to them. It also highlights the benefits of LiveGood products and the opportunity for income generation.

🔑 Identify your target audience and focus your messaging on them to maximize engagement.

Find and serve a tribe of people who are interested in health, extra income, saving money, and using supplements.

💼 Take ownership of your business and be the leader and CEO of your own entity.

00:32:33 The LiveGood Firestarter-Friday Training Zoom emphasizes the simplicity and affordability of their products and the importance of sharing information online. They also highlight the positive testimonials of their new product and the commitment to customer satisfaction.

🔥 The LiveGood products are affordable and easy to share, making it enticing for people to join.

💡 The LiveGood team aims to simplify the network marketing process and focuses on sharing information online.

🧠 A testimonial praises the new product, methylene blue, for its life-changing effects on brain clarity and focus.

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