Engineering Buildings: The Fascinating World of Architectural Engineering

Architectural engineering: learning how to design, appreciate, and solve building-related issues. Diverse job opportunities and highly desired by employers.

00:00:00 Architectural engineering is the coolest engineering. You learn how to read and appreciate buildings, from structure to lighting. Highly desired by employers.

🏒 Architectural engineering involves the study of building structures, mechanical systems, indoor air quality, and lighting distribution.

πŸ“š The breadth of knowledge in architectural engineering is highly valued by employers and there are only a few programs in the country.

πŸŽ“ At CU, students can earn a bachelor's degree in architectural engineering and start with foundational math and science courses.

00:01:04 Architectural engineering students apply math and science to design buildings. They participate in interdisciplinary teams to design buildings and can contribute to global projects.

πŸ—οΈ Architectural engineering students apply math and science to building design.

πŸ“š Students take specialized courses and participate in a capstone design course.

πŸ’Ό Graduates have opportunities to join student organizations and work on global projects.

00:02:05 Architectural engineers have diverse job opportunities, from design and construction oversight to forensic engineering. They are problem solvers specializing in building-related issues.

🏒 Architectural engineers have a wide range of job opportunities, including designing and building new buildings, overseeing construction, and working in forensic engineering.

πŸ” Forensic engineering is like a CSI for buildings, where engineers investigate failures and provide testimony in court.

🧩 Architectural engineers are problem solvers who specialize in solving building-related problems.

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