UNDECEMBER Beginner Build Guide: Mastering Rune Skills

A beginner's guide to building custom skill combinations in the game UNDECEMBER, focusing on runes.

00:00:07 A beginner's guide to building custom skill combinations in UNDECEMBER. Learn about the three key elements: runes, constellations, and equipment.

🎯 The video is a beginner's guide to the game UNDECEMBER, focusing on the basic combination system.

🔮 In UNDECEMBER, there are no classes or inherent skills. Players can freely combine over 300 different runes to create their own skill combinations.

🛡️ The three main elements of skill combination in UNDECEMBER are runes, constellations, and equipment.

00:01:28 Learn how to obtain and equip skill runes and link runes in this beginner guide for the game Rune.

🔑 In this video, the key focus is on skill runes and link runes.

📜 Players can obtain basic skill runes through tasks, NPCs, and hunting drops.

⚡️ To strengthen skill runes, players need to connect them with matching link runes.

00:02:47 This video is a beginner build guide for the game UNDECEMBER. It explains how to connect rune tags to skill rune tags and the conditions required for successful connection.

💡 The runes must have matching tags with the skill runes to be connected.

🔍 The three tags of the linked runes are the same as the tags of the fireball skill runes.

🌈 The color and tags of the skill rune slots must match the color and tags of the linked runes.

00:04:10 [UNDECEMBER] Beginner Build Guide - Episode 1 : Rune. A guide on how to connect and enhance skill runes for a powerful build.

💡 Linking runes of the appropriate colors enables the use of certain skills.

🌟 Three types of essences can be used to unlock and enhance runes: birth essence, color essence, and connection essence.

🔥 By properly linking rune combinations, powerful skill runes can be created.

00:05:32 This video provides a beginner's guide for improving skill and level growth in rune selection, without mentioning sponsorships or brand names.

🔑 To make selected runes stronger, focus on rune level growth and level growth.

💪 Complete tasks, game content, and battlefield hunting to obtain elemental items and enhance rune level.

🌟 Use skill rune/linked rune magic enhancement essence to upgrade from normal level to magic level.

00:06:50 [UNDECEMBER] Beginner Build Guide - Episode 1 : Rune. Learn how to obtain and upgrade runes through synthesis, and the benefits of leveling up runes. Explore the rune change function and get ready for the next video on constellations and equipment.

🔑 Obtain higher level runes by decomposing existing runes and combining fragments.

⬆️ Upgrade runes by using rune level-up essence and experience growth.

🔄 Change runes using rune inheritance feature before chapter 10, or by using currency after chapter 10.

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