Reflections on Leaving The Game Theorists - A Journey to Personal Growth

A YouTuber reflects on personal struggles and leaving a popular channel, discussing mental health journey and creative freedom.

00:00:00 A YouTuber reflects on personal struggles and the challenges of discussing them. Shedding light on leaving a popular channel and ongoing mental health journey.

🗓️ The speaker had a difficult start to 2023, facing personal challenges and setbacks.

👋 The speaker left The Game Theorists and struggled to find the right way to talk about it.

🧠 The speaker discusses their ongoing mental health struggles and the difficulty of gaining perspective.

00:02:17 The speaker discusses their struggle with depression, which affected their productivity and led to a hiatus on their channel.

🔥 Leaving The Game Theorists due to personal struggles and lack of fulfillment.

🌑 Describing a dark and depressive state of mind as the norm, and the need for change.

💡 Realizing the need for medication and seeking ways to improve mental health.

00:04:34 A YouTube creator discusses their struggle with uninspired content and declining viewership, ultimately leading to their decision to leave The Game Theorists.

📺 The creator discusses feeling joyless and uninspired in their YouTube content, leading to a decline in quality.

🔀 The YouTube algorithm's changes and preference for channels with a single prominent personality caused the creator's views to decrease.

💡 After experiencing depression and seeking medication, the creator had a transformative realization about their life and content.

00:06:52 The speaker discusses their experience of leaving The Game Theorists and the emotions they felt. They express anger, determination, and a desire for personal growth. The speaker also mentions YouTube's unfriendliness towards their videos.

⚡️ The speaker left The Game Theorists due to feeling wasted and angry for not seeing the reality sooner.

💪 After experiencing determination and a taste of freedom, the speaker resolved to make up for lost time and not lose perspective again.

🚫 The speaker's videos faced challenges on YouTube, leading to the purchase of Theorist Incorporated and a decrease in video views.

00:09:08 A former member of The Game Theorists discusses their departure, acknowledging the negative impact of their videos while reflecting on their own struggles with mental health and the changes in the YouTube platform.

The YouTuber explains why they left The Game Theorists and the negative impact their videos had on the channel.

🌀 They talk about embracing change and facing adversity, even though leaving the channel was inevitable.

😢 The YouTuber expresses the emotional impact of seeing their videos unlisted and losing years of editing work.

00:11:28 The creator explains their departure from a popular YouTube channel, expressing relief and newfound creative freedom. Encourages mental health prioritization and avoiding wasted potential.

💔 The creator left The Game Theorists due to mental health reasons.

🎥 They plan to re-upload their old videos as movies by topic.

🤝 There's no bad blood between the creator and his former colleague.

00:13:44 The narrator discusses their departure from a YouTube channel, expressing gratitude towards Patreon patrons for their support and mentioning the importance of their financial contributions.

📢 The creator thanks their Patreon patrons for their support and expresses reliance on Patreon for income.

💖 The creator appreciates the emotional support from their Patreon patrons when feeling down.

💼 Without Patreon, the creator would need to find alternative employment and may have to stop making YouTube videos.

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