Teenager with a Mysterious Condition and Unusual Boyfriend | Dr. House: Medical Diagnosis

A teenager with a mysterious medical condition discovers her boyfriend is herself. Dr. House diagnoses dissociative identity disorder resulting from trauma.

00:00:00 An adolescent girl with a mysterious allergic reaction is diagnosed with systemic mastocytosis after her history of drug use is uncovered.

⚠️ The teenage girl experienced an allergic reaction during her 14th birthday party, which may have been triggered by opioids.

💉 The patient's mother has been giving her Diazepam, disguised as vitamin C, to help calm her down.

😥 The girl's father died in a car accident when she was two years old.

00:01:29 A teenager with unusual symptoms seeks medical help. A pregnancy test is done, but the cause of her symptoms remains unclear.

⚕️ The teenager's symptoms, including mood swings and nostalgia, may be due to medication for anxiety or a possible pregnancy.

🤔 A pregnancy test is recommended as the teenager is sexually active and has a boyfriend.

💡 The symptoms of numbness in the arms and a sore on the arm could be caused by physical trauma, blood disorders, or vitamin deficiencies.

00:02:57 A teenager pretends to have a boyfriend and lies about being pregnant, leading to a physical altercation and a mysterious medical condition.

👥 Teenager dating herself and lying about her boyfriend.

🤰 Pregnancy scare and lies about not having sex.

👊 Physical assault and potential police involvement.

00:04:28 Teenage girl's boyfriend is herself! | Dr. House: Medical Diagnosis. The girl suffers from dissociative identity disorder as a result of severe trauma, creating alternate personalities. Strange bruises and pregnancy reveal self-harm and unconscious actions.

👤 The protagonist has a dissociative identity disorder known as multiple personality disorder.

🚗 The protagonist was in a car accident two years ago and has no memory of it.

🤕 The protagonist has unexplained bruises and an unexpected pregnancy.

00:05:57 A teenager's alter ego becomes her own boyfriend, leading to confusion and medical symptoms. Can hypnosis reveal the underlying cause?

📋 A teenager with multiple personalities is experiencing physical and psychological symptoms.

💊 The teenager's alters have different symptoms, including allergies, paresthesia, and changes in blood pressure.

🔍 To diagnose the teenager's condition, accessing the alters and comparing their symptoms with hypnosis is necessary.

00:07:31 A teenage girl's boyfriend is herself! Dr. House: Medical Diagnosis. She experiences pain and recalls being hurt, but it's not her fault. The video discusses medical tests and diagnoses.

👩‍⚕️ The video is about a medical diagnosis made by Dr. House.

🤰 The patient is experiencing pain and is worried about being pregnant.

😢 The patient blames herself for an incident that caused emotional distress.

00:09:01 A teenager's boyfriend is herself! Dr. House diagnoses a rare condition that mimics pregnancy and causes high blood pressure and vaginal bleeding.

Exoplanets are inferred by their effects on orbiting stars.

🤰 High levels of human chorionic gonadotropin can mimic pregnancy and indicate a chorionic carcinoma.

⚠️ Undetected chorionic carcinoma can cause elevated blood pressure and vaginal bleeding.

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