Understanding Children's Emotions and Communication

Psychological interviews with children to understand their emotions, interests, and communication. Encouraging self-expression and overcoming silence.

00:00:11 Psychological interview with children to determine the reason for their visit to the therapy session, ensuring confidentiality.

📋 The video is about a psychological interview with children.

👨‍⚕️ The therapist introduces herself as a cognitive behavioral therapist specializing in children.

🔒 The therapist assures the parent that the sessions will be confidential.

00:01:52 An interview with a psychologist about a silent and unexpressive girl. The mother wants to understand why her daughter doesn't speak up.

📞 The doctor notices that when the girl is reprimanded, she becomes quiet and doesn't express herself.

🗣️ The mother is concerned because her daughter doesn't speak up and she believes something is wrong with her.

💬 The doctor reassures the mother that they will work together to help the girl express her feelings.

00:03:33 An interview with a child named Camila, discussing her hobbies, favorite school subject, and relationship with her sibling.

00:05:13 An interview with children about their interests and how they help others. They discuss their emotions when being called names and feeling sad.

👧👨‍⚕️ Interviewer asking about the child's interests and how they have helped others.

☹️ Child expressing sadness when called names.

🏠😔 Child explaining how they feel when they are in certain situations.

00:06:59 An interview with children about their feelings, communication, and trust. Encouraging them to share their emotions and experiences, both positive and negative.

🗣️ The video discusses the importance of open communication and trust between children and their psychologists during therapy sessions.

🤝 It emphasizes the need for children to feel comfortable expressing their emotions and concerns in a safe and supportive environment.

😊 The goal is for children to develop emotional resilience and be able to discuss both positive and negative experiences with their psychologist.

00:08:41 A psychological interview with children. Discussing likes and dislikes, passions, games, and tasks for the next session.

😊 Camila enjoys playing with jacks and wall ball.

🩺 Camila has a fascination with blood but should be aware of its nutritional value.

👩‍👧 Camila's therapeutic sessions have been helpful, and she is praised for her bravery and solidarity.

00:10:21 A psychological interview with children discussing the importance of expressing oneself and overcoming silence when criticized by their mother.

💪 Being brave is commendable, and it is important to learn how to express oneself.

🤔 It is encouraged to ask questions and share any doubts or comments during therapy sessions.

👋 The next therapy session will be scheduled.

Summary of a video "Entrevista Psicológica con niños" by Psicoalma Mia on YouTube.

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