5 mistakes in learning programming: Why aren't you progressing?

Learn programming by understanding fundamental concepts, utilizing tools, and avoiding common mistakes. Follow a teacher, practice on your own, and focus on tutorials related to your project. Learn from your mistakes and track your progress.

00:00:00 Learning programming is not just about memorization, but understanding fundamental concepts and utilizing available tools. Avoid common mistakes.

🔑 Many beginners believe memorizing all the commands, functions, and libraries is the key to success in programming.

💡 Programming is about understanding fundamental concepts and using available tools, like Google or ChatGPT, to solve unknown problems.

📚 Beginners often fall into the trap of relying solely on tutorials for learning programming.

00:01:10 Learn programming in two phases: follow along with a teacher to understand and solve small programming tasks, then practice on your own.

📺 Spending hours watching videos and clicking options in interactive applications instead of actually programming.

💡 Learning programming should be done in two phases: studying with a lecturer and solving programming tasks.

🎯 Copying code or selecting correct answers in applications does not lead to learning programming.

00:02:13 Learn the basics of programming, then work on your own project. Make mistakes, learn from them, and apply your knowledge. Focus on tutorials related to your specific project. For example, if you want to automate real estate searches, watch a tutorial on the BeautifulSoup library.

📚 Learn the basics of programming, such as data types, loops, conditions, and functions.

💡 After understanding the basics, start working on your own project to apply your knowledge.

🔎 When working on a project, search for specific tutorials that are relevant to your project.

00:03:23 Learn programming by solving your own problems and get motivated. Everyone has their own learning path and pace.

Using programming to solve problems and gain a better understanding of ideas.

Motivation and persistence in learning programming.

Importance of not comparing one's learning journey to others.

00:04:33 Learn from your past self and track your progress. Have regular retrospectives to identify what went well and what can be improved. Avoid unrealistic expectations.

🔄 Regularly evaluate your progress and reflect on what you have learned and achieved.

🔄 Utilize the concept of retrospectives from development teams to improve your learning process.

⚠️ Avoid getting overwhelmed by unrealistic expectations and the possibility of giving up.

00:05:44 5 programming learning mistakes: Why aren't you making progress?

Feeling overwhelmed or having fear can hinder progress in learning programming.

Identifying the cause of these feelings and finding a solution can help to move forward.

Being part of a community with similar challenges can be beneficial.

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