HurricaneLog Tutorial: Prepare, Invest, and Distribute

Tutorial walkthrough of HurricaneLog. Learn about hurricane impact, investment options, and distribution process for family kits.

00:00:00 This is a tutorial walkthrough of HurricaneLog, a game where you coordinate logistics operations in a region with four islands. The game has two phases: preparedness and response. You can invest in islands to prepare them for hurricane season using a budget of 50 million.

👋 In this tutorial, you will learn how to start a tutorial and select the option for it.

🌍 The game revolves around coordinating logistic operations in a region composed of four islands, each with its own characteristics and challenges.

⛈️ The game consists of two phases: preparedness and response. During the response phase, you prepare the region for the hurricane season through investments and accessing important island information.

00:02:32 This video is a tutorial walkthrough of HurricaneLog. It explains the different investment options available, including local and global investments, and the process of buying relief items. It also mentions the daily storage cost of family kits in the warehouse.

There are two types of investment options: local investments and global investments.

Family kits are available for emergency situations and can support a five-person family.

Investment options have different levels and impacts that can be selected.

00:05:06 A tutorial walkthrough on investment options in a hurricane preparation game. Make strategic decisions with a budget and consider the impact of investments. Analyze the need for investments in other islands. Start the response phase with highlighted key performance indicators.

💡 Investment options should be carefully considered based on budget and level impact.

🔑 Preparedness and response operations have different budget considerations and evaluation metrics.

👥 The tutorial focuses on key performance indicators like response time, operation cost, and number of people assisted.

00:07:39 Learn how hurricanes evolve and the destructive power associated with each category. Track the hurricane's trajectory and wind speeds using forecasts. Experience the impact on an island and review the damage report. Tutorial walkthrough of HurricaneLog.

🌀 Hurricanes have different categories, with higher categories having greater destructive power.

🌪️ Forecasts can predict the trajectory and evolution of a hurricane, including its maximum wind speed and gusts.

💨 When a hurricane is forecasted to hit an island, the game reduces its speed, and a damage report is shown.

00:10:14 Learn about the impact of hurricanes on islands and the distribution process for family kits. Discover how damages to ports and airports affect operations and how to monitor and respond to the needs of the population.

🌪️ During a hurricane, family kits are immediately distributed to the population for assistance.

🔴 If an island still needs assistance after the initial distribution, it will be indicated by a flashing red alert.

💡 The system provides notifications and key performance indicators to track the response operation.

00:12:47 Learn how to transfer family kits between islands to meet demand. Explore the transfer window for information on available kits, delivery time, and shipment cost.

🔁 Transferring family kits from one island to another based on demand

Tracking delivery time and shipment cost for transferring family kits

🚢✈️ Different processes involved in transportation procurement and preparation

00:15:21 Tutorial walkthrough of HurricaneLog, a system for transportation and distribution of family kits to islands in need during hurricane season. Includes operation report and island-specific indices.

🌊 You can transport family kits from ports and airports to a warehouse, and then distribute them to families in need on the island.

💰 If there is a high demand on the island and you don't have enough family kits, you can buy them from international suppliers.

📊 After the hurricane season, you will receive a notification and an invitation to view your operation report, which includes key performance indicators (KPIs) and graphs showing the response time and costs over time.

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