Accurate and Affordable: Testing the Ruger American Rifle

Review of the Ruger American Rifle: accurate, affordable, and reliable at long range.

00:00:01 Reviewing the Ruger American Rifle, a lower caliber option with a threaded barrel and a smooth action. Affordable and good-looking, it's one of the best rifles for the money.

The Ruger American Rifle is being reviewed in this video.

The rifle has a threaded barrel and a green stock in the predator model.

The reviewer believes that the Ruger American Rifle is one of the best rifles available for the price.

00:02:19 Testing the Ruger American Rifle: Shooting steel targets at various distances up to 365 yards with a .223 caliber bullet. Impressive accuracy and performance.

💥 The Ruger American Rifle performed well in shooting steel targets at various distances, including 105 yards and 168 yards.

🦌 Despite being chambered in a caliber not typically recommended for deer hunting, the rifle successfully killed a deer.

🎯 At longer distances, such as 300 yards and beyond, the rifle required adjustments in aiming due to bullet drop.

00:04:38 Impressive accuracy and performance at long range with the Ruger American Rifle. Affordable ammo, consistent hits, and minimal bullet drop make it a reliable choice.

🎯 The Ruger American Rifle performs well at long distances, with minimal drop and consistent accuracy.

💥 Even with low-cost ammunition, the rifle shows impressive performance and hits dead center at 475 yards.

📏 Using a ballistic calculator, the shooter determines the bullet drop at 475 yards and adjusts their aim accordingly.

00:07:00 A test of the Ruger American Rifle at 600 yards using inexpensive 223 ammo. The shooter adjusts aim and observes bullet trajectory. Steel and brass casings are compared.

🎯 The video tests the accuracy of the Ruger American Rifle at various distances.

💥 The shooter aims slightly high to compensate for the bullet's travel time and successfully hits the target at 600 yards.

🔍 The difference between steel-cased and brass-cased ammo is examined, with the shooter noting that steel is cheaper but brass may provide higher quality.

00:09:20 A review of the Ruger American Rifle, highlighting the ease of ejecting steel case ammunition. The gun performs well at 100 yards, making it suitable for hunting deer and coyotes.

🔍 The steel case ammunition was harder to eject compared to the brass case ammunition.

💰 The steel case ammunition is cheaper than the brass case ammunition.

🎯 The accuracy of the Ruger American Rifle is decent for its price range and suitable for hunting.

00:11:39 Reviewing the Ruger American Rifle and Unboxing the Sig P320 M18 Pistol - Impressive performance and features in both firearms.

The Ruger American Rifle comes in different sizes and weights, with the predator version designed for smaller calibers.

An unboxing of the Sig P320 M18 Marine Corps pistol, which includes a booklet, patches, magazines, and loading indicator.

The pistol performs well during shooting, with thick sights and a large extended magazine.

00:13:58 Review of the Ruger American Rifle: balanced, solid, and performs well. Good for hunting at a distance. Price increase may affect value.

🔫 The Ruger American Rifle has a slight jumping issue compared to other guns.

🔍 The reviewer tested the gun's balance and shooting capabilities, finding it suitable for deer hunting at 100 yards.

💰 The gun is currently a solid option for its price, although the price has increased recently.

Summary of a video "Testing the Ruger American Rifle" by Kendall Gray Vlogs on YouTube.

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