The Story of Betrayal: A Daughter-in-Law's Fight Against Abuse

A tragic story of family betrayal and mistreatment unfolds as a daughter-in-law stands up against her abusive stepmother. A fire tragedy and a shocking revelation of abuse shed light on the consequences of silence.

00:00:01 A bizarre crime occurred in the city of Al Jarf in Libya in 2021 involving a girl named Afaf. She married a respectful man, but her mother-in-law mistreated her.

💡 In an unusual crime, a 21-year-old girl named Afaf was approached by a respectful man who proposed to her, and she agreed.

💡 Afaf got married to the man, who is described as polite, respectful, hardworking, and responsible.

💡 However, Afaf's mother-in-law treated her harshly and constantly mistreated her.

00:01:37 A story unfolds as a stepmother mistreats her daughter-in-law while her son and husband are away. The daughter-in-law stands up for herself, resulting in a physical altercation.

👩‍👧‍👧 The stepmother takes advantage of the absence of her husband and stepson to mistreat and abuse Cinderella, forcing her to do all the household chores.

💔 Cinderella eventually stands up to her stepmother, refusing to accept the mistreatment and fighting back.

👊 In a climactic moment, one of Cinderella's stepsisters tries to attack her, but Cinderella uses her karate skills to defend herself and escape.

00:03:11 A violent incident between two women and their families leads to a tragic outcome in a shocking story.

👧🦠 A girl named Afaf is attacked by a scorpion.

🤬😡 Her family members react violently and abuse her.

😱⚰️ They plan to kill Afaf and take her to the kitchen.

00:04:45 A fire broke out in a house, and as people tried to help, they were told there was no one inside. However, a child was actually trapped inside, and his family didn't know where he was.

🔥 The house was on fire and people were trying to help.

🚒 Authorities were called to extinguish the fire.

👶 A child was found inside the house.

00:06:32 A girl named Afaf is in a coma after a fire broke out in the kitchen. Her aunt and cousins were present, and she revealed that she was abused by her aunt.

A woman named Afaf is in a coma after a fire broke out in the kitchen.

Her family initially believed the fire was an accident, but Afaf reveals that she was actually physically abused by her aunt and cousins.

Afaf's family was unaware of the abuse and now the case is complicated.

00:08:04 A gripping story of family betrayal and tragedy unfolds as a witness reveals the truth about a fatal incident. A cautionary tale about communication and the consequences of silence.

🦂 The narrator recalls being moved from the kitchen to the living room.

🙏 Their sister Aafa passes away after falling into a coma, leading to the arrest of their aunt and her daughters.

🔒 The narrator's warnings were ignored by their mother and sister, and speaking up about the case caused a sensation.

00:09:53 A story with scorpions, and a promise of an even better story in the future.

🦂 The video discusses a story about scorpions.

🏜️ The narrator mentions a street and a fridge in the story.

👋 The video ends with a farewell message.

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