The Journey of Stephen Chidwick: Balancing Poker and Family

Interview with Stephen Chidwick discussing his experiences in poker tournaments and the importance of family.

00:00:04 Stephen Chidwick reflects on his time during the pandemic, highlighting the silver lining of spending more time with his daughter. Now at a poker tournament, he discusses his travel experiences with family.

🎮 Stephen Chidwick describes his experience during the pandemic, which was more comfortable than most people's as he managed to travel to Canada before the borders closed and enjoyed outdoor activities in the mountains.

👨‍👧 A silver lining of the pandemic for Stephen Chidwick was being able to spend more time with his daughter and witnessing her growth.

🌍 Stephen Chidwick discusses his travel experiences, including playing in poker tournaments and traveling with his family.

00:01:38 Interview with Stephen Chidwick discussing his travel routine with family, logistical challenges, and dedication to poker tournaments.

:globe_with_meridians: Traveling with family and managing logistics between different countries and quarantine requirements.

:moneybag: Focusing on poker tournaments and planning to continue traveling for the next couple of years.

:raised_hands: Discussing the tournament selection between holdem and another game.

00:03:15 Stephen Chidwick discusses his ongoing learning process in short deck poker and his excitement for upcoming tournaments after a long break from live play.

🎮 Short deck poker is a complex game that requires continuous learning.

📈 Despite limited tournament opportunities, the speaker has improved in short deck poker and is excited to play more.

🧠 The speaker maintains focus and avoids rustiness in live tournaments through their love for poker and the long break they had.

00:04:51 Stephen Chidwick discusses the difference between playing live and online poker tournaments, emphasizing the depth and complexity of playing with the same players repeatedly.

🎮 Stephen Chidwick talks about his experience playing live poker after a long break and transitioning from online to live games.

🔍 Playing in smaller field tournaments with the same players provides a higher level of complexity and requires constant adjustments.

💻 Chidwick prefers live games over online poker due to the abundance of information and experience gained from playing with the same players.

00:06:30 Stephen Chidwick discusses the different atmospheres and dynamics between small and big field tournaments, emphasizing the importance of reads in bigger field live tournaments.

💡 Playing in small fields creates a different atmosphere where everyone knows each other.

🌍 Traveling to different locations allows for meeting familiar faces in new places.

🤔 The importance of reads and fundamentals in bigger field tournaments for recreational players.

00:08:07 Interview with Stephen Chidwick discussing player strategies and differences between smaller and larger poker tournaments.

🎮 Playing with the same people allows for deeper reads and understanding of their strategies.

💪 Most players in the tournament are fundamentally strong, making it difficult to deviate too far from standard strategies.

🎯 In larger tournaments, it is important to identify weak spots in the average player's game and exploit them relentlessly.

00:09:44 Stephen Chidwick discusses his experiences at SHRB Europe 2021 and his limited free time spent with his daughter and exploring the surrounding area.

💼 Stephen Chidwick talked about his busy schedule and lack of free time at the SHRB Europe 2021.

🏊‍♂️🤿 He mentioned spending time in Turkey before the event, enjoying activities like fishing and swimming in the sea.

👨‍👧 Stephen also mentioned a pleasant morning spent at the pool with his daughter.

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