The Importance of Relationships for Mental Health

Abdulrahman Abumalih discusses the importance of relationships for mental health and interviews Yasser Al-Huzaimi, a certified relationship coach.

00:00:00 In this podcast episode, Abdulrahman Abumalih discusses the importance of relationships for mental health and interviews Yasser Al-Huzaimi, a certified relationship coach. They explore the pillars of relationships, including the relationship with Allah and oneself. They emphasize the significance of a strong personality and the need for skills and independence in building healthy relationships.

All relationships are driven by need, including our relationship with Allah.

💑 Healthy relationships are crucial for mental health and overcoming depression.

🤝 Yasser Al-Huzaimi, a certified relationship coach, discusses the importance of different types of relationships and how to navigate them.

00:26:24 The importance of self-perception and self-acceptance in relationships and personal growth, avoiding arrogance and self-contempt. Seeking validation from oneself rather than others.

😌 The gap between appearance and reality can cause depression, with a negative perception being seeing oneself as lesser than they are, while self-contempt occurs when discipline turns into contempt.

🤔 Confidence can be driven by ignorance, but true confidence comes from believing in one's ability based on past experiences and optimism.

🙌 Healing self-contempt involves complimenting past successes and developing oneself through small achievements, while valuing oneself and seeking Allah's pleasure instead of external validation.

👥 A good relationship with oneself is reflected in knowing one's rights and boundaries, normalizing mistakes, not being ashamed of normal things, and being true to oneself.

Seeking advice from someone wise, who knows you well and the matter you are asking about, can help provide a mirror to reflect on oneself.

00:52:50 The video discusses the challenges of modern relationships and the impact of atheism, scientism, materialism, freedom, relativism, individualism, moral myopia, globalization, utilitarianism, contractualism, and dehumanization on relationships.

Appear to people with one face and be truthful to yourself.

The mixing of Islamic and western values in modern Muslims.

The impact of atheism, scientism, materialism, freedom, relativism, individualism, and globalization on modern relationships.

The loss of social standards and moral myopia.

The rise of utilitarianism, contractualism, and dehumanization in relationships.

The importance of kindness and forgiveness in relationships.

The consequences of competency-based society.

01:19:06 The video discusses the impact of technology and social media on relationships, emphasizing the loss of human connection and the prioritization of individual needs. It also warns against the fast-paced and consumeristic nature of modern life.

💡 The modern work market values competence and skills over family commitments, leading to fewer employment opportunities for those with families.

🔁 The focus on stability and movement in jobs leads to the dehumanization of employees and neglect of their personal lives and relationships.

🔄 Planned obsolescence in products has influenced a mindset of easily replacing relationships rather than repairing and investing in them.

🌐 Social media and technology have increased consumerism and superficial relationships, diminishing the sense of responsibility and privacy.

⏸️ The fast pace of modern life hinders wisdom, presence, and appreciation of the beauty and details of life, promoting efficiency over productivity.

01:45:23 In this podcast, Yaser Al-Hazmi discusses the importance of relationships and how to navigate them. He emphasizes the need for treating others with goodwill and seeking justice, not favor, in our interactions. He also touches on the different classifications of relationships and the importance of maintaining healthy and fulfilling connections.

🤝 Differentiate between what you can control and what is out of your hands in relationships.

⚖️ There are different types of justice, and absolute justice is known only to Allah SWT.

🙏 Treat others with goodwill and avoid being unjust, even if it means going beyond their rights.

02:11:44 This podcast discusses the definition of a healthy relationship between men and women in a society where they share all spaces. It emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries and differentiating between regular and deep relationships.

⚡️ A healthy relationship between men and women in a changing society requires distinguishing between temporary contact and a repetitive communication, and speaking in a straightforward manner without unrelated small talk or hints.

💡 Regular relationships in the workplace are time-bound and contextual, while deep relationships can be formed by breaking the regularity and expanding communication. Permanent relationships with family members have obligations, while temporary relationships are replaceable.

🔑 The maximum number of relationships a person can maintain is around 190, according to Dunbar's Number. It is important to set boundaries and prioritize relationships, as too many relationships can lead to burnout and neglect of true friends.

💔 Attachments or infatuations in relationships can be dysfunctional and lead to possessiveness, obsession, and the inability to let go. Unhealthy attachments often end in animosity, while healthy relationships are based on mutual respect and independence.

💪 To navigate getting to know a co-worker before marriage, it is important to prioritize clear communication, set boundaries, and avoid becoming too attached or possessive. It is also essential to maintain a balance between different roles and responsibilities in life.

02:38:01 Learn the key to successful relationships and how to navigate through different stages. Find out how to fix a sick relationship and let go of attachments.

🤔 Building relationships starts with the first impression and leads to three decisions: keep it, cut it out, or make it superficial.

🔍 To get to know someone, engage with them often and observe their reactions and behaviors.

💑 Realize that relationships have stages: infatuation, realization, and decision-making. Commitment and acceptance are key for a stable relationship.

🙅‍♂️ In unhealthy relationships, take responsibility and be generous. Cut off completely in dead relationships and let go of attachments.

🧠 Understand that social status and authority determine our interactions and the dynamics of relationships.

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