Maximizing Profits: Land Investing Strategies in Growing Cities | Book a Call for Personalized Coaching

Coaching call on land investing strategies in growing cities, county selection, and effective marketing. Book a call for personalized coaching.

00:00:02 This video is a coaching session where they discuss strategies for finding and flipping land deals. They focus on the importance of knowing where a city is growing and buying properties in the path of that growth.

πŸ’‘ In this MVP coaching session, the host reveals the behind-the-scenes of actual coaching sessions and how they are even more impactful than what is presented upfront.

πŸ”₯ The master class provided valuable information on land flipping, but the coaching program delves deeper into various strategies for getting deals and using automation and systems.

πŸ—ΊοΈ One key focus is knowing the areas where cities are growing and the roads that are being developed, allowing investors to buy properties in the path of growth and capitalize on the demand.

00:10:02 Learn how to strategically invest in land for maximum profit by purchasing properties in areas of growth and development. Discover the importance of county selection and how to use maps to market your investments effectively.

πŸ“ Knowing the growth trends and development plans in an area is crucial for success in land flipping.

πŸ’‘ Finding land in the path of growth can lead to significant profits when the city expands and infrastructure is built.

πŸ’Ό Selecting the right counties to focus on is the first step in the land flipping process.

00:20:01 Learn how to select counties for land investing through personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with expert Gary Pendergast. Book a call to secure one of the six available spots.

πŸ“š In the coaching program, Gary Pendergast helps students identify and select counties for land investments.

🌎 They analyze migration trends, supply and demand, volume, and growth trends to choose the right counties to invest in.

πŸ’» They ensure data availability and use geographic information services to easily obtain property information.

00:30:00 This YouTube video discusses a coaching call about setting up a business system for real estate deals. It also mentions a strategy to get deals without sending letters by making text offers on Zillow. The speaker emphasizes the expertise and success of their coaching program.

πŸ“ž You can set up your entire business system by following the steps provided and have it done in just a few hours.

πŸ’Ό After setting up, you can schedule a session with Gary to determine which areas and types of properties you want to focus on.

πŸ† The competition in this industry consists mostly of hobbyists and uneducated individuals, while the coaching program teaches you the skills to be successful and professional.

00:40:01 Learn the off-market deal strategy for real estate investing and how to find non-wanter sellers. Discover a supplemental strategy to get deals from properties on the market. Get coaching on selling properties quickly using cutting-edge techniques.

🏑 The speaker's standard strategy focuses on finding off-market deals for land that is not wanted by the current owners because it requires effort and expenses.

πŸ’Ό Their main competition comes from house flippers, but the speaker believes there are more house flippers than land flippers in the United States, creating an advantage for their strategy.

πŸ“ In addition to their core strategy, the speaker also reveals a separate strategy to acquire deals from older listings on the market by making low offers to realtors via text.

00:50:02 MVP Coaching Call: Learn how to use GPT to write listings with specific instructions, saving time and producing higher quality descriptions. Delegating with systems and coaching can transform your land investing business. Book a call to be on The Cutting Edge of land investing.

πŸ”‘ Using GPT to write listings by giving it specific instructions results in better quality descriptions.

🎯 Coaching helps in leveraging the latest strategies and techniques in land investing.

πŸ’Ό Having systems, processes, and a supportive team allows for a flexible and successful land flipping business.

01:00:02 Learn how to become a real estate master in this coaching call. Gain access to expert coaches, set up business systems, and make money with land flipping.

Access to coaches who have a successful business and can coach you on how to scale and organize your own business.

A step-by-step process for starting with the first few deals and gradually scaling up to do more deals.

The coaching program provides guidance on setting up and managing a business efficiently to maximize profits while working fewer hours.

Summary of a video "MVP Coaching Call" by Land Profit Generator with Jack & Michelle Bosch on YouTube.

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