Insights and Future Plans of Magician Deddy Corbuzier

Magician Deddy Corbuzier discusses his final magic show and the importance of consistency, dedication, and family. He also hints at his future plans in the media business.

00:00:00 Magician Deddy Corbuzier reveals his last magic show and discusses his transformation from a regular person to a professional magician without a military background.

The video features an exclusive interview with Deddy Corbuzier, a former magician.

🔮 Deddy Corbuzier discusses his last magic show and the progress he has made in his career.

🌟 He talks about his transformation from being a civilian with no military background to becoming involved in military-related activities.

00:04:08 Magician Deddy Corbuzier shares his last magic show and discusses his passion for new experiences. He also mentions the development of his YouTube channel.

💡 The speaker discusses the importance of patriotism and their personal dedication to the country.

🔍 They highlight the abundance of procedures and protocols in various channels and their intention to invest in social media companies.

🚀 The speaker emphasizes the rapid growth of their own channel and their commitment to maintaining existing content while considering new branding opportunities.

00:08:18 Magician Deddy Corbuzier reveals his final magic show on El Rumi TV. He discusses the difference between passion and dedication, emphasizing the importance of consistency.

Passion is doing something you love, while dedication is doing something you don't like but still do.

💪 Maintaining consistency requires a strong mindset and the determination to do tasks regardless of whether you feel tired or not.

🎯 Setting targets or goals can help maintain motivation and keep you focused on your passion or dedication.

00:12:27 A magician shares his dedication to his craft, discussing how he manages his time and prioritizes being a father while pursuing his career. His commitment sets him apart from others.

🔑 The speaker discusses the importance of managing time and prioritizing responsibilities.

💡 He emphasizes the need for dedication and commitment to achieving goals.

The speaker shares personal experiences of feeling tired and the consequences of not allocating time properly.

00:16:34 Deddy Corbuzier shares his insights on being a good father and husband, emphasizing the importance of working hard and prioritizing family time.

💡 Having a balanced life as a husband and father is important, and it requires working hard and taking care of one's health.

Finding time for family and personal life while managing work can be challenging.

📚 Consistency and self-discipline are key in time management.

00:21:05 Magician Deddy Corbuzier hints at his last magic show and discusses his future plans in the media business. He reflects on his personal life and the importance of preserving his health.

After years in the media business, Deddy Corbuzier is considering delving into magic shows, especially now that he has his own TV and media platforms.

He reflects on how long he can sustain his media platforms and his personal well-being, but is unsure about his goals in life.

Deddy Corbuzier expresses a desire to go back to simpler times, where he used to read books and be disconnected from social media.

00:25:14 Deddy Corbuzier reveals the last magic show of his life and discusses Jefri Nichol's emotional control in a boxing match.

🥊 Jefri Nichol's inability to control his emotions affects his performance in boxing matches.

🧠 The speaker believes that the listener is better at controlling their emotions compared to Jefri Nichol.

👥 The presence of an excited audience can impact the performance of a boxer.


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