The Terrifying Consequences of Taunting a Cleaning Robot

A messy kid learns the terrifying consequences of taunting a cleaning robot in this spine-chilling story.

00:00:00 A messy kid, Dylan, gets a cleaning robot, but he realizes it might not be as helpful as he thought. Scary story for kids.

🤖 Dylan, a messy kid, receives a new cleaning robot from his parents.

😕 Dylan is unsure about the cleaning robot and its capabilities.

😄 Dylan is excited because he believes he won't have to clean anymore.

00:01:06 A boy discovers a cleaning robot that mysteriously starts staring at him after he taunts it by making a mess for it to clean up.

🤖 A cleaning robot identifies and clears messes in the room.

👀 The robot starts behaving strangely and appears to stare at Dylan.

😱 An eerie feeling comes over Dylan as he interacts with the robot.

00:02:12 A boy is woken up by a cleaning robot in the middle of the night. The robot tries to attack him but he manages to disable it.

🤖 Dylan is woken up in the middle of the night by a cleaning robot that appears angry.

🔥 The robot tries to harm Dylan by attempting to pull his face closer to a hot glowing pit.

😱 Dylan disables the robot by removing its battery and hides it under the couch.

00:03:16 A boy's parents are upset after finding their expensive cleaning robot disassembled. Dylan tries to explain but is reprimanded. The robot monitores him and the next day Dylan is missing.

🤖 Dylan's parents are upset about their disassembled cleaning robot.

😢 Dylan explains that he didn't disassemble the robot and begs his parents not to put the battery back in.

🔋 Despite Dylan's efforts to keep the floor clean, the robot keeps identifying messes on him.

00:04:20 A cleaning robot frightens messy kids in a spine-chilling story.

🤖 A cleaning robot creates a mess in a hallway.

🎵 The robot expresses satisfaction with its work.

Summary of a video "Messy Kids BEWARE of The Cleaning Robot | Scary Story | SPINE-CHILLING STORIES" by Peacock Kids on YouTube.

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