7 Beginner-Friendly Side Hustles to Make $1000/Day Online in 2023

Discover 7 beginner-friendly side hustles to make $1000/day online in 2023. Opportunities include creating online courses and affiliate marketing.

00:00:00 Discover seven side hustles that anyone can start right now to make money online. From becoming a content creator on YouTube to selling online courses, there are opportunities for beginners to generate long-term revenue.

🎥 Becoming a content creator on YouTube allows for Evergreen content that can generate revenue for years.

💰 Selling online courses on platforms like Udemy can be a profitable side hustle.

📚 Exploring different course platforms and industries can provide insight and potential opportunities for making money online.

00:01:28 Discover 7 side hustles to make $1000/day online in 2023, including creating online courses, selling ebooks on Amazon, and leveraging platforms for passive income.

💼 Creating and selling online courses can generate revenue and build your brand as a content creator.

📧 Writing and selling ebooks, either for free or at a low cost, can be a profitable side hustle, especially when leveraging platforms like Amazon KDP.

💰 By utilizing existing platforms like Udemy and Amazon, you can attract traffic and generate passive income from your courses and ebooks.

00:02:55 Learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing. Connect customers with products and earn commission. Start for free with ClickBank or Digistore24.

🔑 Affiliate marketing is a way to make money by connecting companies with products/services to sell and customers.

💰 As a content creator, you can earn a significant income by promoting other people's products/services as an affiliate.

🌐 Platforms like ClickBank and Digistore24 offer opportunities to choose from thousands of products to promote as an affiliate and earn commissions.

00:04:22 Learn how to make money online in 2023 with 7 side hustles, including selling on Etsy through print on demand and digital downloads. No experience required!

💰 Affiliate marketing is a lucrative side hustle that requires no experience and can bring in significant income.

🛍️ Selling on Etsy, particularly through print on demand and digital downloads, is another profitable opportunity for side hustlers.

📦 Print on demand allows you to partner with websites like printful.com to create and sell customized products on Etsy with minimal effort.

00:05:49 Discover 7 side hustles for passive income in 2023, including selling digital downloads on Etsy and starting a blog on WordPress.

👩‍💻 Selling digital downloads on Etsy is a profitable side hustle that requires creating unique templates.

💻 Starting a blog on WordPress.org is recommended for consistent and search engine-friendly content.

🖥️ Driving traffic through search engines is important for website ranking and attracting visitors.

00:07:18 Discover the top 7 side hustles for 2023, including building a WordPress platform and starting a podcast. Podcast audiences have more money and are willing to spend.

📝 Creating and building a blog on WordPress is a recommended side hustle in 2023, as search engines favor WordPress and it has the potential to generate significant income.

🎙️ Starting a podcast is a valuable side hustle option to grow a brand and business, especially because podcast audiences are not only engaged but also have higher purchasing power.

00:08:45 Learn how to start a podcast for free and launch it to the world. Subscribe for more videos on making money online and building a life of freedom.

💰 Starting a podcast can be profitable and doesn't require any initial investment.

📱 You can easily start a podcast using your smartphone and free platforms like Anchor FM and Canva.

🎧 By creating a podcast, you can share valuable content and potentially earn money online.

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