5 New SMMA Clients Per Week: Proven Text Outreach Strategy

Discover a proven strategy to book five new high-ticket clients per week using text outreach.

00:00:00 Discover a proven strategy to book five new high-ticket clients per week using text outreach. Learn how to generate leads, pre-qualify them, and close sales with this winning approach.

🔑 The video discusses a strategy to generate SMMA clients through text outreach, focusing specifically on the roofing industry.

🤝 The strategy involves three phases: lead generation, pre-qualification, and closing. The speaker shares details on how to script and pre-qualify leads, as well as various methods for sending SMS messages.

💼 By implementing this strategy, the speaker was able to book an average of 12 to 15 meetings per day, resulting in five new high-ticket clients per week.

00:07:58 Learn a step-by-step process to get 5 new SMMA clients per week using text outreach. Categorize leads, send SMS blasts, and make warm intro calls to pre-qualify them.

Using SMS outreach to generate leads for SMMA clients.

Segmenting leads based on their response and follow-up accordingly.

Making warm intro calls to pre-qualify leads before booking.

00:15:59 Learn how to consistently get new SMMA clients through text outreach. Overcome objections, book Zoom demos, and sell certainty, not just leads. Secure 12 to 15 solid meetings per day.

📞 Overcoming objections and getting back in after being kicked off the phone is important in text outreach for gaining clients.

💼 Selling certainty is crucial when pitching to potential clients who have had negative experiences.

📈 Using a multi-step process and automation, leads are qualified and followed up with to book solid meetings.

00:23:59 Learn how to generate new clients for your social media marketing agency through text outreach, automating pipelines, and effective pricing strategies.

⚙️ Using automation and workflows to manage lead pipelines effectively.

📞 Responding quickly to leads and setting up appointments for potential clients.

💲 Implementing pricing packages based on the value and commitment of the customer.

00:31:58 Learn how to acquire new clients for your SMMA business using text outreach. Discover the optimal pricing packages and strategies for closing deals.

The pricing strategy for securing clients involves starting with a three-month trial period and then offering a lower-priced package.

The company charges a higher fee upfront for shorter contracts and tests different price points to find the optimal price that attracts clients.

The success of a performance-based model depends on having control over the sales process and developing a relationship with the client.

00:39:53 Learn a strategy to generate 5 new clients per week through text outreach. Use multiple software and categorize leads by location and company size for successful lead generation.

📋 When scraping leads for lead generation, it's important to have all the required fields and utilize automation tools to speed up the process.

🎯 Focusing on specific verticals, such as companies, can make lead generation easier since software can provide information like company size.

🌐 Targeting specific locations and utilizing software tools like lead scrapers and Google search can help generate qualified leads for the business.

00:47:52 Learn how to get 5 new clients per week using text outreach. By running ads statewide and filtering leads, you can increase profit and build trust with roofers.

🏢 The speaker explains their model for running ads for roofers, which involves charging a service fee and spending as necessary to deliver leads and booked appointments.

💼 By overlapping roofers in a specific location, the overall cost is reduced and leads become cheaper. The leads can also be shared or used for referrals to close contracts.

🔍 The speaker suggests selling SEO as a system rather than as SEO itself, as people may have negative preconceived notions about SEO. The focus should be on delivering results.

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