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Learn how to use AI tools to easily understand academic papers and technical articles. No need to learn the tools, just take a photo and ask your phone for answers.

00:00:00 Learn how to use AI tools like ChatPDF, Humata, Explainpaper to understand academic papers and technical articles easily. These tools provide features like text summarization and translation, and are accessible for free.

🔍 There are AI-assisted tools like Chat PDF, Humata, Explainpaper, and Elicit that can help ordinary people easily understand academic and technical articles.

👶 These tools can even provide explanations that a five-year-old can understand.

💡 The tools integrate ChatGPT technology and optimize it for reading papers or complex technical articles, offering features like long text analysis, content search, translation, and credibility analysis.

00:01:02 An AI tool called Chat PDF allows for quick and extensive reading of articles, including university papers. It provides a conversation interface and suggests questions to ask. It can respond in both English and Chinese.

📚 Chat PDF is a tool that uses AI to quickly read and understand articles.

💡 It can generate potential questions based on the uploaded article and provide prompt responses.

💻 The free version of Chat PDF supports uploads up to 10MB, 120 pages, and allows 3 uploads per day.

00:02:05 Discover how to quickly and easily read a large amount of articles using AI. This tool is even suitable for 5-year-olds to understand university papers. ChatPDF, Humata, Elicit, and Explainpaper are discussed.

📚 Chat PDF is a tool that allows users to upload PDF files and interact with them quickly and efficiently.

💡 Humata is another service that focuses on using GPT for files, but it has some limitations and security risks.

💸 The paid version of Humata costs $14.99 per month and has additional features and benefits.

00:03:10 How to use AI to read articles quickly? It's better than ChatGPT and can make a 5-year-old understand a college paper. | ChatPDF, Humata, Elicit, Explainpaper | Broad Science Institute.

📚 Humata provides a unique feature of file preview and allows easy navigation through the document.

💡 Elicit is a free AI research assistant that offers paper search, abstract display, and analysis of article content for credibility.

🔍 Elicit also searches for potential criticisms, relevant citations, and discussions related to the article.

00:04:17 How to use AI for fast and extensive reading of articles? It's better than ChatGPT and even allows 5-year-olds to understand university papers! | ChatPDF, Humata, Elicit, Explainpaper | Pan Science Academy.

00:05:21 Discover how to use an AI system called ChatPDF to efficiently read and explain articles, making complex content accessible to students without translation difficulties.

💡 AI-powered system to quickly read and explain articles in an easy-to-understand way.

📚 Useful for parents and teachers to translate new information or research papers for students.

💻🔬 Supports up to 20 MD PDF uploads and offers ChatGPT-4 AI model for studying.

00:06:23 Learn how to use AI to quickly read articles and make them understandable even for a 5-year-old. No need to learn these tools, just take a photo and ask your phone for answers. Apply ChatGPT's questioning techniques for unexpected results!

🔑 AI tools can read and summarize articles quickly.

💡 These tools, such as ChatPDF, Humata, Elicit, and Explainpaper, are more useful than ChatGPT.

📱 In the future, we might be able to use our smartphones to take pictures of articles and get instant responses.

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