The Hidden Truth about Agile Development

Agile Development's money-making intentions criticized. Comparison between Agile and waterfall approaches. Agile development reduces costs and delivers valuable software.

00:00:00 Agile Development is criticized for its money-making intentions. Alex Berman discusses his experience with different models of building SAS companies.

šŸ” Agile development is criticized as a scam for financial gain.

šŸ’° The speaker shares their experience with different models of building SAS companies.

šŸ‘Øā€šŸ’» The waterfall development method is discussed as an alternative to Agile.

00:01:14 Agile development offers flexibility with software development, but can lead to overspending. A comparison between Agile and waterfall approaches.

šŸ’¼ Agile development allows for flexibility in software development by working on an hourly rate.

šŸ’ø However, Agile development can lead to overspending as initial features are often forgotten.

šŸ’° In contrast, waterfall development involves a fixed payment for a specific piece of software.

00:02:27 Why Agile Development is Inefficient and Costly: A Case Study

šŸ”‘ Waterfall development is a better approach than agile development as it avoids software bloat and leads to more stable products.

šŸ’° By following the waterfall development model and reducing features, the cost of development can be significantly decreased.

šŸž Contrary to the belief that full-time development teams reduce bugs, waterfall development has proven to produce more reliable software.

00:03:40 Build a cheaper version of your product using waterfall development instead of agile. Start with a simplified feature and market it until you earn $10k/month before adding new features. MVP is a cost-justifiable version of your product.

šŸŽÆ Instead of agile development, focus on waterfall development to build the cheapest version of your product.

šŸ’° Create a scaled-down version of your product that can be sold as a standalone service for a lower cost.

šŸš€ Market and sell the minimal viable product (MVP) until it generates a consistent monthly revenue of at least $10,000.

00:04:56 This video explains how using Agile development can save users significant amounts of money compared to traditional methods of video hosting.

šŸ’° The video discusses the concept of Agile Development and how it can be misleading in terms of cost-effectiveness.

šŸŽ„ Using a specific example of a SAS like Wistia, the video explains how opting for such services can be more cost-effective compared to hosting videos on one's own website.

āš–ļø The key point emphasized is that a successful SAS needs to offer users more value or savings than what they pay for it on a monthly basis.

00:06:09 Agile development can help build a successful software product by reducing costs and delivering features that customers want to pay for.

šŸ’° Building a SAS can be more cost-effective for customers than building it themselves.

šŸ’” The MVP of a SAS should provide value to users and save or make them money.

šŸ”‘ To guarantee success, focus on building a profitable product that customers actually want to pay for.

00:07:22 This video discusses the importance of building valuable software and doing so profitably. It emphasizes the need for effective development strategies.

šŸ’” Building valuable software is crucial for the success of software companies.

šŸ’° Profitability is a key consideration in software development to avoid excessive costs.

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Summary of a video "Agile Development is a Scam" by Alex Berman on YouTube.

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