September 23, 2023: Spiritual Warfare and Victorious Shouts

A revelation of a significant transition on September 23, 2023, involving spiritual warfare and victory over sickness. The church must be prepared and equipped.

00:00:00 God revealed a significant transition on September 23, 2023. Seek the Lord about it as I share His messages and fulfill His business.

📅 September 23rd is a significant date mentioned in the video.

💡 The speaker emphasizes the importance of seeking God's guidance and praying about the information shared.

🙏 The Holy Spirit revealed a clear vision to the speaker regarding a transition or transfer happening on September 23rd.

00:01:25 A revelation about September 23, 2023 is given by God, emphasizing the word 'war' and mentioning the Church.

🔍 The speaker was curious about why they were being shown information about September 23, 2023.

💡 After spending time with the Holy Spirit, the speaker received a clear message about war.

The speaker also received insights about the role of the Church in relation to this information.

00:02:47 The church is currently in a monumental battle, with the veil removed and the Holy Spirit revealing the state of the battlefield. We are using our voices to roar, clarity on the demons we fight, while some are unaware.

🔥 The church is currently engaged in a intense spiritual battle, similar to the final battle in the movie Endgame, with the veils being removed and the Holy Spirit revealing the true state of the battlefield.

💪 Within the church, some believers are shouting with great focus and clarity, targeting specific demons, while others are shouting without direction. But all are united in proclaiming the voice of God.

🌟 This revelation of the battle and the unity of the church's voice is described as epic and powerful, showing the magnitude of the spiritual conflict happening right now.

00:04:09 Prepare for a season of intense warfare starting on September 23rd. Expect increased demonic possession within a month. The church must pray and rely on the power of Jesus Christ.

🔑 September 23rd is a significant date for Christians, marking the beginning of a season of intense spiritual warfare.

🔥 Demonic possession will increase within a month, emphasizing the need for the church to pray and rely on the power of God.

⚔️ Millions of Christians are engaged in a spiritual battle, and it's crucial to understand their standing and rise up against the enemy.

00:05:31 A shift will happen on September 23rd, bringing Victorious Shouts and deliverance from sickness. Faith is tested but rewarded with victory. The season changes in November.

🗓️ September 23rd marks a significant shift in the spiritual realm.

During this shift, some individuals will experience deliverance from sickness and receive breakthroughs.

🌬️ The season forward from September includes changes in weather, with a bitter cold winter arriving around November.

00:06:55 September 23rd marks a season of spiritual warfare for the church. God calls us to be prepared and equipped to fight against the enemy.

⚔️ There will be a war from September 23rd until halfway through November, and the church must use their weapons against the enemy.

👉 Believers need to recognize their identity and be proactive in their spiritual growth and relationship with God.

There is a time for isolation, growth, and operating in business as the end goal in the church.

00:08:20 Prepare for a divine appointment - the church must be refined by the fire of God and step into their true purpose. Pray for loved ones. An anointed message.

🔥 The church is being refined by the fire of God.

There is an upcoming appointment by God that the church is not prepared for.

🙏 Prayer is essential for covering and protecting loved ones.

Summary of a video "God Revealed This About September 23 2023! Get Ready" by Outpouring Gates on YouTube.

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