Google Hotel Ads - Advertising your hotel or accommodation on Google

Learn how to advertise your hotel or accommodation on Google through search and display ads or Google Hotel Ads.

00:00:00 Learn how to advertise your hotel or accommodation on Google through search and display ads or Google Hotel Ads. Create a Hotel Center account and link it to Google Ads to start running your campaigns.

💼 This video explains how to advertise a hotel or accommodation on Google using Google Hotel Ads.

🏨 To set up a campaign, you need a Google Hotel Center account and to link it with your hotel's account.

📊 Once the accounts are linked, you can create a campaign and choose the hotel option to advertise effectively.

00:02:27 Learn how to create effective hotel ad campaigns on Google, including strategies, settings, and bidding options.

🏨 Hotel campaigns should have clear names and include the location and strategy.

💰 Three bid strategies are available: automatic commission, manual CPC, and percentage CPC.

📈 Tracking parameters should be added for external tracking tools, such as Google Analytics.

00:04:54 Learn how to optimize Google Hotel Ads and increase booking inquiries by using manual CPC and monitoring conversions and commissions.

📊 Using manual CPC bidding initially to understand the impact of different bidding amounts.

💰 Considering the percentage commission in relation to the total room price when determining the profitability of advertising on different platforms.

🔍 Evaluating the performance of advertising campaigns on different platforms, such as, by adjusting bidding amounts accordingly.

00:07:25 Learn how to use Google Hotel Ads to target specific locations and customize your advertising campaigns.

Google Hotel Ads allow users to search for hotels in specific locations.

🌍 The ads have a wide reach across multiple countries.

📊 Users can customize their ads by setting rules and criteria.

00:09:52 Learn how to set up and customize Google Hotel Ads for apartments and hotels, including adjusting settings for devices and bid adjustments for check-in dates.

🏨 Google Hotel Ads allows advertisers to create campaigns for hotels and customize settings such as cost-per-click and commissions.

📱💻 Advertisers can adjust bids based on device preference, targeting specific devices or excluding others, to optimize their campaigns.

📅 Advertisers can also make bid adjustments based on check-in dates, increasing bids on high-demand days and decreasing bids on low-demand days.

00:12:18 This video discusses optimization strategies for Google Hotel Ads, including targeting specific travel dates and offering incentives for longer stays.

🏨 Google Hotel Ads allow hotels to target specific audiences and optimize their pricing strategy based on factors like length of stay and booking date.

📅 Hotels can offer personalized deals to users based on their search history and previous interactions with the hotel's website.

💼 Hotels can increase their profit margin by offering higher prices for shorter stays and optimizing additional revenue streams like minibar sales.

00:14:44 Learn how to run hotel ads on Google, including adding extensions, targeting specific languages, and optimizing campaigns.

🏨 Google Hotel Ads allow users to create ads for apartments, hotels, and more.

📊 Segmenting the target audience and adding extensions are important for effective advertising.

Consider running display and search campaigns in addition to Google Hotel Ads.

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