Day 1 of Number Sense Kickstart: Focusing on Understanding Math

In this video, Christina Tonal introduces the Number Sense Kickstart program and emphasizes the importance of understanding math.

00:00:00 In this video, Christina Tonal introduces the Number Sense Kickstart program and emphasizes the importance of focusing on understanding math rather than just doing math in lessons.

📚 The host discusses the importance of building students' number sense and fluency with mathematics.

📝 There is a checklist of 10 things that can be done to kickstart number sense.

💡 The first step to kickstarting number sense is to focus on helping students understand math, not just do math.

00:02:06 Teacher realizes traditional teaching methods hinder students' understanding of math, embarks on a 20-year journey to improve teaching strategies.

📚 Traditional methods of teaching math focused on procedures and getting correct answers, neglecting conceptual understanding.

💡 Effective math teaching involves helping students understand the concepts behind the procedures.

🎯 The goal is for students to not only perform mathematical tasks, but also comprehend and apply their knowledge.

00:04:15 Teaching math goes beyond knowing procedures. Understanding and thinking through problems is key to students' mathematical success.

📚 Understanding numbers and mathematical concepts is crucial for problem-solving.

🤔 Mathematical understanding goes beyond memorization and procedures.

🔑 Teaching students to justify their answers and apply concepts is essential.

00:06:25 Teachers can help students build understanding of math by giving them contextual word problems and allowing them to solve them using various methods, such as drawing pictures or using manipulatives.

📚 Traditional math education focuses on memorization rather than understanding.

🔍 Cognitively guided instruction allows students to solve word problems in their own way, promoting understanding of numbers and problem-solving skills.

💡 By giving students contextual problems and observing their problem-solving methods, teachers can assess students' understanding and encourage real-life application of math.

00:08:31 The video discusses the difference between math lessons focused on doing versus understanding. It provides examples of worksheets that emphasize following steps without promoting comprehension.

Lessons that focus on following steps and using prescribed strategies discourage understanding.

📝 A worksheet example demonstrates a focus on doing math procedures without promoting conceptual understanding.

🔎 Providing pre-made equations and dictating which numbers to break apart limits students' exploration and critical thinking.

00:10:39 A math worksheet with coins helps assess students' understanding of adding values. It encourages combining amounts for easier addition and tests knowledge of coin values.

💰 The worksheet helps assess students' understanding of adding coins by presenting a problem with five different coins and asking for the total value.

🧩 The problem allows students to demonstrate their comprehension of combining numbers and making them more manageable when adding.

📚 By analyzing the approach students take to solve the problem, teachers can determine if the focus of the lesson is on understanding rather than simply executing math operations.

00:12:48 Discover how to encourage students to solve math problems without guidance, using manipulatives and drawings. Kickstart number sense with a 10-day challenge.

💡 Encourage students to solve problems without guidance or specific methods.

📚 Review tomorrow's lesson to identify opportunities for student-centered problem-solving.

🔢 Join the 10-day Number Sense Kickstart for more tips on building a strong mathematical foundation.

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