The Exodus of Expats: Economic Impact on Dubai

Expats leaving Dubai due to job cuts and economic impact. Families returning home for free education and healthcare. Financial concerns drive decision to relocate.

00:00:00 Expats are leaving Dubai due to job cuts and economic impact. Big employers, including Emirates Airline and hotels, are cutting jobs and implementing pay cuts.

💼 Job loss has been a major driver for expats leaving Dubai, as companies like Emirates Airline and hotels have been cutting thousands of jobs.

📉 The economy in Dubai has experienced a downturn in the previous years, which has come as a surprise and led to job cuts and pay reductions.

🌍 Factors such as income, health, and education also play a role in expats deciding to leave Dubai.

00:01:03 Expats are leaving Dubai due to economic difficulties. Some families can't make ends meet and are returning to their home countries for free education and healthcare. The government is taking action to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus.

📉 Due to financial difficulties and the need to support their families, many expats in Dubai are choosing to return to their home countries.

💼 Zina Be Shalhoub Group, a luxury retailer, has recently reduced their workforce by ten percent.

🏦 The UAE government has taken proactive measures to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus by urging banks to provide loan rescheduling and granting visa extensions to those whose visas have expired.

00:02:06 Expats in Dubai are concerned about the lack of financial support during the pandemic, as their livelihoods depend on their jobs and access to insurance. The absence of safety nets and taxation systems complicates the decision to stay or leave.

📉 The lack of stimulus packages for workers and the potential loss of job security are leading expats to leave Dubai.

💼 Expats in Dubai are concerned about the impact on their livelihoods due to the interconnectedness of their jobs, life insurance, and health insurance.

🚫 The decision to leave Dubai is not straightforward, as it involves the balance between safety nets and the absence of a taxation system.

00:03:09 Families in Dubai are leaving due to job scarcity and uncertain economic outlook. Financial concerns about school fees and lack of job opportunities drive their decision to relocate.

The main reason expats are leaving Dubai is due to the lack of job opportunities and economic uncertainty.

Many families are considering leaving because of the high cost of education and uncertainty about future income.

Some individuals without job or schooling pressures are also contemplating leaving Dubai.

00:04:13 Expats in Dubai face job losses and a reeling economy, prompting them to consider leaving. The high cost of living adds to the challenge.

🌍 Expats in Dubai are considering leaving due to job losses and a struggling economy, but they may face tough competition for jobs in other countries.

💸 The high cost of living in Dubai next year may make it financially unfeasible for some expats to stay.

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