Building Success: The Evolution of Intelligent Software and Clavio's Vision

Andrew Bialecki emphasizes the importance of great products and people in building a successful company. He discusses the evolution of intelligent software and Clavio's focus on product development and building intelligent applications.

00:00:04 Andrew Bialecki discusses the importance of great products and great people in building a successful company. He emphasizes the value of community and direct relationships with customers. He also talks about the role of software in helping creators build better companies and shares new product developments.

πŸ‘₯ Great companies are made up of great products and great people, including employees and the surrounding community.

πŸ’° Clavio's community consists of over 100,000 businesses, 5,000 agencies, and 200 software companies, generating Β£29 billion in revenue through direct relationships with customers.

🌐 Clavio aims to empower creators by enabling them to reach consumers independently and take control of their own success through software technology.

πŸ“ˆ The speaker discusses the future of software and its potential to help creators build more successful companies and delight customers.

00:04:54 The keynote speaker discusses the evolution of software from the PC era to intelligent software and the impact of technology on our lives.

πŸ’» The speaker reflects on the first era of software, the PC era, and the transition from writing essays on paper to using word processing software.

🌐 The second era of software is described as the advent of the internet and the shift from offline software to online platforms like Google Docs.

πŸš€ The speaker predicts a third era of software, the era of intelligent software, and emphasizes the need for software companies to continuously upgrade and adapt.

00:09:43 Andrew Bialecki discusses the transition of software, expecting it to know who we are and tailor fit to our goals. Intelligent software will think for us and provide optimized experiences.

πŸ“± The availability of technology in our pockets has revolutionized how we browse the internet, connect with others, and conduct business.

πŸ’‘ Software is undergoing a transition where it is expected to know who we are, tailor-fit to our needs, and assist us in achieving our goals.

🌍 Clavio is focused on creating more authentic and intelligent applications by increasing visibility into user and customer data.

00:14:35 Andrew Bialecki discusses Clavio's focus on product development and building intelligent applications. They have launched new integrations for wellness businesses, expanding their holistic approach. The goal is to consider businesses that are not just retail but also offer services, and to provide a seamless customer experience.

πŸ”‘ Clavio focuses on providing infrastructure for accurate representation of people and building intelligent applications.

πŸ“ˆ Clavio has launched new integrations to represent businesses more holistically, including wellness services.

πŸ’» Clavio for Wellness allows businesses to enhance the customer experience and engagement through personalized digital interactions.

00:19:24 This keynote discusses the expansion of Clavio's retail services online and offline, including the addition of new data and a dashboard for performance analysis. It also highlights the support of multiple communication channels, such as email, SMS, and mobile applications.

πŸ“Š Clavio has launched a new dashboard that allows users to visualize performance over time and compare different periods.

πŸ“ˆ Clavio is working on enhancing attribution and helping users optimize their strategies based on the results.

πŸ’» Clavio now supports messaging through iOS and Android applications, aiming to meet customers where they prefer to be reached.

00:24:14 Learn how Clavio is taking their reviews product to the next level by collecting customer feedback and leveraging it to improve marketing strategies.

πŸ” The speaker introduces a new product called reviews and explains how it is being improved to meet user expectations.

πŸ’¬ Reviews play a crucial role in understanding customer preferences and gathering feedback, and they can be collected through various channels such as email, text messaging, and eventually mobile.

🌟 The speaker emphasizes the importance of showcasing social proof and highlights how the reviews product integrates with the user's website and brand aesthetic.

00:29:07 Keynote speech about the evolution of intelligent applications and the importance of creators in the Clavio community.

πŸ”‘ Moving from applications to intelligent applications that know who we are and our goals.

🀝 Invite the team behind the product and collect feedback from the audience.

🌟 The importance of creators and how software needs to improve to support them.

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