Bavaria: Driving Sustainable Development and Empowering Communities

Bavaria's corporate social responsibility focuses on sustainability, entrepreneurship, and empowering women. They collaborate with farmers, protect forests, and promote responsible consumption.

00:00:01 Bavaria is a leading beverage company in Colombia, committed to environmental sustainability and positive impact on people's lives. They aim to be the most admired company in Colombia by 2026.

📅 Bavaria, a beverage company founded in 1890, is now the leading drinks company in Colombia.

♻️ Bavaria focuses on environmental sustainability by implementing renewable energy and reducing water usage.

🌍 Bavaria aims to become the most admired company in Colombia and a global reputation contributor by 2026.

00:01:30 Bavaria's corporate social responsibility focuses on sustainability and supporting entrepreneurs through the 'Destapa Futuro' program, providing training, funding, and networking opportunities.

🌍 Bavaria is committed to the circular economy by reusing over 98% of generated waste.

💼 Bavaria's social responsibility program, Destapa Futuro, trains and supports entrepreneurs in business planning and sustainability.

💰 Destapa Futuro has supported 600 entrepreneurs, provided 6.8 billion pesos in seed capital, and created 120 firms.

00:03:03 Bavaria's corporate social responsibility strategies focus on sustainable development goals. Their programs empower women and provide education opportunities for their families.

👩‍💼 Bavaria has created a program called 'Emprendedoras Bavaria' to empower women and create leaders in their communities through neighborhood stores.

🎓 Bavaria has granted 55 scholarships to accredited universities in Colombia to provide high-quality education for the children and grandchildren of these women.

🌱 Bavaria aims to improve the quality of life for Colombian families and create opportunities for future generations through their 'Siembra' program.

00:04:36 Bavaria collaborated with Colombian farmers to bring back barley cultivation to Colombia. They launched a special edition called 'Colombia Siembra', with profits reinvested in agricultural development. They also launched the 'Agua Salva' water brand, which protects Andean forests.

🌾 Bavaria worked with Colombian farmers to reintroduce barley cultivation in Colombia, leading to the launch of the 'Edición por Colombia Siembra' beer.

💧 Bavaria launched 'Agua Salva,' a water brand that aims to protect the Andean forest by committing to preserve one square meter of forest for every bottle sold.

💼 Bavaria operates under a sustainable economic model to support the development of Colombian agriculture and conservation efforts.

00:06:09 Bavaria promotes sustainability and social responsibility by recycling water bottles and protecting the Santurbán moor, a vital ecosystem for Colombia's water supply.

🌿 Bavaria is promoting environmental sustainability by recycling water bottles and involving all Colombians in their mission to transform the country.

🔄 Bavaria has been recognized for its sustainable initiatives, including a return system that contributes to Sustainable Development Goal 2 and a project that protects and conserves the Santurbán páramo, an important ecosystem for water security.

👥 Bavaria's project aims to change the behavior of local farmers and involve them in the conservation of the páramo.

00:07:37 The video discusses a project aimed at conserving ecosystem services, mitigating deforestation, and improving agricultural practices. It highlights the benefits of corporate social responsibility, including responsible consumption, sustainable development, and job creation.

🌍 The project aims to conserve ecosystem services, mitigate deforestation, prevent erosion, and improve agricultural practices.

🏭 Bavaria demonstrates social and environmental sustainability through responsible consumption, sustainable development, and job creation.

💼 Bavaria establishes a foundation to implement these strategies and support entrepreneurship.

00:09:04 Bavaria's CSR initiative aims to transform the lives of 50,000 vendors through women empowerment, scholarships, and the opening of new stores, resulting in positive social and environmental impacts.

📊 44% of the stores are involved in the strategy.

👩‍💼 56% of the stores are managed by women.

🌱 The strategy aims to empower 10 million women, provide 55 scholarships, support 110 families, and open 150 new stores.

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