Project Zomboid: New Features and Updates

Project Zomboid monthly blog updates introduce multiplayer, taller buildings, basements, better graphics, animations, and new features like rat lords and exit options.

00:00:00 Developers release monthly blog updates on Project Zomboid. They combine their work on one big build, with multiplayer and a new moderator. The video showcases a unique skyscraper.

📅 The developers have released news on Project Zomboid, promising a new build by the end of the year.

🔨 The developers are merging all their individual work into one big build.

🏢 The video showcases a new skyscraper in the game with more than eight floors.

00:01:10 Project Zomboid developers have improved their engine, allowing for taller buildings, basements, and better sprite handling. The world still consists of 2D tiles, but they appear 3D. Prototype animations and tests were shown.

🏢 The developers have improved the game engine, allowing for taller buildings.

🔊 Prototype animations and character voiceovers have been tested, indicating future improvements.

🎮 The game now features 3D-appearing tiles, creating a visually immersive experience.

00:02:30 Exciting news and updates for Project Zomboid! Will zombies finally take fall damage? Plus, new rat lords await in the game.

🧟 Zombies currently do not take sufficient fall damage, making them difficult to kill.

🏢 Living in high-rise buildings will become easier if the issue with zombie fall damage is not addressed.

🐀 The game will feature new enemy creatures called Lord Rats, who have entertaining movement patterns.

00:03:39 Exciting news about Project Zomboid updates, including a peak in rat population, new in-game sounds for rats, events like the Rat King, and a new way to exit the game.

🐀 The video discusses an experiment in the game Project Zomboid involving a large population of rats.

🏢 The developers provide a detailed image of a skyscraper in the game and reveal its interior.

🐭👑 There are additional features related to the rats, such as special sounds and events.

00:04:50 Exciting news on Project Zomboid updates including new locations, military gear, and inventory items like balaclavas and gas masks.

💡 The video introduces new features in the game Project Zomboid, including a new abandoned shelter location in the forest.

💼 There are also updates to the military gear, such as a military vest with quick-access slots and the ability to attach a flashlight.

🛡️ In addition, new gas masks are introduced that use filters during gameplay.

00:06:00 Exciting news about Project Zomboid updates! DIY filters, oxygen tanks, interface for 4K monitors, and new weapon storage options.

🔍 The video introduces homemade filters and an oxygen tank as new features.

👥 The interface will be optimized for 4K monitors and new weapon storage options will be available.

🔫 The new weapon storage includes a shoulder holster for two pistols and two magazines, as well as a leg holster for revolvers.

00:07:11 Exciting news! Project Zomboid has hired more voice actors and will play a mischievous trick with alcohol. Stay tuned for more updates!

More voice actors have been hired for character dialogue.

🚗 Improvements to driving mechanics have been implemented.

💰 A significant amount of money has been donated to charity.

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