The Story of Ibrahim and Nimrod: Part 2

A sequel to the story of Ibrahim and Nimrod, with Ibrahim challenging the powerful ruler's tyranny and remaining steadfast in his faith.

00:00:00 [Music] The story begins with Ibrahim Ibn Azar, who was different from his people. He questioned the creation of the universe and searched for evidence. He came to know about Nimrud and his tyranny.

🔍 Ibrahim ibn Azar was a free thinker who questioned the creation of the universe and searched for evidence.

🌙☀️ Ibrahim recognized the sun and the moon as creations, but believed in a higher power.

⚔️ Ibrahim heard about the tyrant ruler, Nimrod, and his oppressive reign.

00:01:09 Abdo Salam_Nimrod 2: Ibrahim challenges the notorious Nimrod, who is determined to deny and reject the truth. Nimrod threatens Ibrahim, but Ibrahim remains steadfast in his faith.

The video discusses the roles of two characters, Yuri and Ibrahim, and their interaction with the antagonist, Nemrod.

Yuri is sent to warn people about Nemrod's intentions, while Ibrahim confronts Nemrod's arrogance and disbelief.

Nemrod declares himself as powerful as God and threatens to bury Ibrahim alive.

00:02:14 Abdo Salam - Nimrod 2: The sequel to the story of Nimrod, a powerful ruler whose reign meets a tragic end. More stories to come in old songs.

📚 The video discusses the story of Nimrod and how he faced challenges.

😱 Nimrod's anger and frustration were useless in the face of his impending demise.

🎵 The narrator hints at having more stories to share in future songs.

Summary of a video "عبدو سلام _النمرود 2 || الجزء الثاني" by Abdou Salam on YouTube.

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