Abundant Harvest: Canada Crookneck Winter Squash - A Flavorful and Versatile Heirloom Variety

Harvested 300 lbs of the phallic-looking Canada crookneck winter squash, a pest-resistant and flavorful heirloom variety, with lots of cooking options.

00:00:01 Harvesting Canada crookneck winter squash, a phallic-looking heirloom variety that influenced the popular butternut squash.

📅 September 17th, harvesting winter squash

🌱 Canada Crookneck squash, an heirloom variety

📦 Storage challenges with Canada Crookneck squash

00:01:05 Harvesting a bountiful yield of Canada crookneck winter squash, a pest-resistant variety with no damage or infestation.

📌 The video is about harvesting 300 lbs of winter squash, specifically the Canada crookneck variety.

🌱 The Canada crookneck squash is resistant to pests and diseases, making it a popular choice for growers.

🍂 This year, the squash plants have produced an unusually high yield, with no significant damage.

00:02:08 Harvested about 70 squash, weighing approximately 300 pounds from 9 plants. More squash still growing. Unsure if we can eat it all.

🥒 Around 70 squash were produced from nine plants, totaling about 300 pounds.

🍽️ Although it may be challenging to consume all the squash, the variety grown is highly regarded.

🌱 There are still 10 more squash that are not yet fully ripe.

00:03:11 Harvested 300 lbs of Canada crookneck squash, which has denser and meatier flesh than butternut squash. Flavor peaks around Christmas and is great roasted or for pumpkin pie.

🎃 The Canada Crookneck winter squash has denser flesh and a meaty neck, making it preferable to butternut squash.

🍊 The squash develops a rich flavor and becomes extremely orange when aged until Christmas, making it perfect for roasting.

🥧 The Canada Crookneck squash is also great for making pumpkin pie.

00:04:16 Harvesting 300 lbs of winter squash with lots of cooking options and sharing with loved ones. Keep on growing!

🎃 The video discusses different recipes and meals that can be made with winter squash.

🍲 Butternut squash soup is mentioned as an easy meal option.

🎁 The speaker mentions the possibility of giving some of the squash away to friends and family.

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